We are getting set up again. Thank you for your patience, Pokémon manga fans! More information and active updates can be found at http://forums.jb2448.info/. Here, volumes 1 to 32 are read from left-to-right. All other content is right-to-left as per the original artwork. The first 10 volumes and portions of volume 11 and 12 can be found scanlated in their original right-to-left format here (volumes 1 to 8) and here (volumes 9 to 12).
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Pokemon Adventures v32 - 001 frontcover

Pokemon_Adventures_v32_-_001_frontcover.jpg ThumbnailsPokemon Adventures v32 - 002 insidecoversThumbnailsPokemon Adventures v32 - 002 insidecovers
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Sunday 1 May 2016
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