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  • Lolipiece on 2013-Jul-12 15:10:51 Lolipiece said

    Delicious candy-dog-thing.
  • Greener on 2013-Jul-12 15:41:20 Greener said

    I'm probably the only person in the world who doesn't have any problem with Pokemon eating other Pokemon.

    That's why everyone freaked out about Vanillite, right?
  • Lolipiece on 2013-Jul-12 18:37:18 Lolipiece said

    People need to realize that the Vanillite family isn't even actual ice cream.

    It's an anthropomorphic icicle with snow covering their heads that 'looks' like ice cream.
  • 049AT on 2013-Jul-12 19:04:14 049AT said

    This thing looks like it's licking itself. ... And that sounded better in my head.
  • Dreamingflower on 2013-Jul-12 19:18:55 Dreamingflower said

    How funny and yesterday I was enjoying a cotton candy with my sis... I want another one.
  • 2nd on 2013-Jul-12 19:32:06 2nd said

    Can I eat him?
  • AirisuChanXD on 2013-Jul-12 19:48:10 AirisuChanXD said

    Pokémon! Gotta Eat 'em All!
  • Noek on 2013-Jul-12 23:40:15 Noek said

    So all the food Pokemon can destroy Dragons
  • L.Dragon on 2013-Jul-13 04:45:06 L.Dragon said

    Definitely getting Pokemon X now.
  • ShadowScience on 2013-Jul-13 11:02:24 ShadowScience said

    Cute, very cute... And full of calories.
  • 049AT on 2013-Oct-17 10:04:14 049AT said

    Anti-Dragon Fairy, huh? Their stats say otherwise. "Meh" HP, low Def, non-existent/abysmal Spd on average. Sylveon, the hyped up Dragon killer! 60 Spd, 65 Def (95 HP). It's screwed. It shall beat Druddigon and the lesser Dragons that run rampant in Generation VI.

    Great Sp. Def on average, though. Hydreigon's screwed unless it runs an Atk set.
  • Noek on 2013-Oct-17 10:46:18 Noek said

    @049AT well super training to build it up and my Sylveon hasn't met a dragon it can't beat
  • 049AT on 2013-Oct-17 18:26:42 049AT said

    Super Training (or EVing) can only take you so far. And of course, Sylveon will have an edge against in-game trainers and their Dragons. Only those relatively new to the game gets screwed over by in-game opponents.

    Of course, this is all just in theory for now (don't have XY, won't get one either).

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