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  • 2015-Jun-30 14:22:20 Pokemon Special v40 c441 223.neuquant
    Someone said: His name is Jeez.
  • 2015-Jun-30 10:37:29 Pokemon Special v40 c441 222.neuquant
    Unknown said: ahaha
  • 2015-Jun-30 10:33:52 Pokemon Special v40 c441 212.neuquant
    Unknown said: I actually love this ending!!! :)
  • 2015-Jun-30 10:00:13 Pokemon Special v40 c438 142.neuquant
    Unknown said: Ahaha! Game reference there!
  • 2015-Jun-30 09:18:15 Pokemon Special v40 c433 059.neuquant
    Unknown said: ...
    I don't even know what to say
  • 2015-Jun-30 08:10:43 Pokemon Special v39 c430 171
    Unknown said: "Don't you 'Hwah' me!!"
    - Pearl

    XD oh gosh I love these two haha!
  • 2015-Jun-30 08:05:11 Pokemon Special ORAS c02 p025
    Rider said: @Myracels: Isn't that what the Deoxys from FRLG did? Hoopa probably brought it back.