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  • 2015-Apr-01 22:41:49 Pokemon Special XY v01 c003 0024
    Rider said: Lolipiece, you are amazing! I had no clue there would be that many chapters!!
  • 2015-Apr-01 21:31:51 Pokemon Special XY v01 c003 0024
    JB2448 said: Also, she should try to get it on Batoto, too, I think!
  • 2015-Apr-01 21:28:15 Pokemon Special XY v01 c003 0024
    JB2448 said: Well, of course! I should make sure we can get full sized versions on here, too! I'll get to it as soon as I can! Thank you very, very much!
  • 2015-Apr-01 21:10:06 Pokemon Special XY v01 c003 0024
    Lolipiece said: To those who want translations, my good friend The Violent Tomboy has scanlated the remaining chapters. Well, not so much as "scanlated" as replaced the text with info from Coronis' summaries.

    It's not 100% accurate to the text in the original Japanese, but it gives the same meaning. It'll have to do until someone wants to properly scanlate the series.

    You can find it here. http://pokespexy.tumblr.com/

    JB, she asked if it would be okay to upload them here. It's your site, so your decision.
  • 2015-Apr-01 18:26:57 PA2 Chapter Seventeen14
    Rider said: It's hard to pin down a chapter where her entire backstory is revealed, but it's pretty darn close to that of Silver's, which is (kind of) revealed in the GSC arc chapter 113. I'd take =^_^='s advice though, and read the story in order, as that's a spoiler chapter.
  • 2015-Apr-01 16:00:43 17-054
    InsertSomeEdgeHere said: I only cared about the Lightning affect and Norman punching Ruby in the face.
  • 2015-Apr-01 13:03:42 PA2 Chapter Seventeen14
    =^_^= said: @Name: Her backstory starts to get revealed in chapter 39 in vol. 3 the second to last chapter of the first story arc but there's more to her backstory than what gets revealed there. I'd recommend reading it in order because there isn't really a chapter with her backstory that doesn't have spoilers to the plot.