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  • 2015-Feb-26 22:47:50 pg000a
    Ethan said: Pearl is a punmaster!? Hohohohohhh, I've found myself in the Pokemon world at last!
  • 2015-Feb-26 20:24:03 107pg102
    The Allmighty Derp said: Meh, Red probably lost on purpose to be kind to Emerald. Emerald only had one symbol left, and to have his goal crushed by an older Dex-Holder would be extremely mean and possibly even create distrust within the group.
  • 2015-Feb-26 19:51:24 107pg102
    Ethan said: WHAT?! Emerald beat Red?! Holy Arceus...
  • 2015-Feb-26 19:26:10 051pg46
    VGBM said: It's possible he's referring to ranger styluses. That's my theory, anyway.
  • 2015-Feb-26 19:22:00 Pokemon Special PSs2 083
    VGBM said: I initially thought that too, but this is canonically only a few days into their training. They'd have to have started two years after they said they would for it to make any sense.
  • 2015-Feb-26 18:51:00 051pg46
    Ethan said: What's Coil talking about? I don't get to whom he's referencing...
  • 2015-Feb-26 18:45:30 013pg10
    Ilovethismanga said: I should add I was talking about animals, not humans :P