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  • 2015-Aug-03 22:45:29 Pokemon Special ORAS c07 p25
    Kat said: @Rider: I hope so, I'd kill for a Sapphire vs Zinnia showdown after this chapter. And we're definitely going to see Sapphire tear into Ruby when she comes back from...wherever the hell she is. I did get a laugh out of Ruby breaking up the fight by politely stopping Steven but slamming Zinnia into a wall.
  • 2015-Aug-03 22:45:22 18-053
    Rider said: @pwc13: Lol. I don't think you really needed to clear up something that was fairly obvious from the start.
  • 2015-Aug-03 22:40:52 18-053
    Greener said: @pwc13: Lol so since Lolipiece is rude and snappy all the time does that make him (her?) a girl too?
  • 2015-Aug-03 22:32:17 18-053
    pwc13 said: Okay...now you guys are starting to put words into my mouth. Basically, what I was saying in the first place is that it seems like Game Freak used the manga as inspiration for Courtney's personality in ORAS. Does that clear up what I said at first?
    Sorry, for being rude and snappy but due to me being a girl and all I can turn into a female dog very quickly sometimes depending on my mood.
  • 2015-Aug-03 21:45:16 008
    ^(' .)> said: LOL
  • 2015-Aug-03 21:40:58 Pokemon Special ORAS c07 p25
    Rider said: @Kat: Well, it's a temporary stop to Sapphire mega evolving. I feel Sapphire is going to try hunting down Zinnia if the Draconid tries to bolt out of there. After all, ZInnia's got Rayquaza to worry about. Or Ruby is going to show off and take down Zinnia. After all, that was an epic entrance from Ruby. Or maybe we finally get to see Sapphire give Ruby a piece of her mind! Oh, the speculation...
  • 2015-Aug-03 21:31:19 Pokemon Special ORAS c07 p25
    Kat said: Sapphire's mad at Emerald because he and everyone else hid the meteor from her. Then Zinnia took advantage of the moment and stole her keystone, so that's the end of Sapphire mega evolving.