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  • kagami-chan on 2012-Mar-20 18:35:51 kagami-chan said

    I think Thortan and Ruby will might get along very well XD
  • Takamiya on 2012-Mar-20 19:54:41 Takamiya said

    I may sound like a total Flamer but....Huh, the Sinnoh Batlle Frontier looks weaker than the Hoenn Batlle Frontier?Well, at least Thorton act the part, what with him forgeting about Loudred soundproof ability *sweatdrop*

    I hope that's true not for favouritism, but because it's way more believable that Platinum wins against them so quickly, than they being at the same level as the Hoenn one( not that Platinum is weak, but at least Emerald had way more experience and Crystal let him borrow suitable pokemons for the matchs)
  • Duke R on 2012-Mar-20 22:50:09 Duke R said

    @Takamiya I agree.

    Maybe Scott chose the best Frontier Brains because he's not one of them, he's the owner. Palmer just called some of his friends, and that's what he got.
  • Dreamingflower on 2012-May-19 12:24:13 Dreamingflower said

    I think Thorton is the weakest robot... I mean frontier brain of the Sinnoh brains.. Second Kusaka was more rushed in this arc than in the Emerald arc.
  • D-Omen on 2012-May-19 16:09:13 D-Omen said

    I don't think the Battle Frontier needed to be any longer than it was, honestly. It showed all Frontier Brains in battle, had some cool strategies and generally avoided being a repeat of Emerald. Plus, the real plot was developing elsewhere.
  • Lolipiece on 2012-May-19 16:30:13 Lolipiece said

    Exactly. The Platinum chapter is focused on Platinum's search for Paka and Uji, and the Battle Frontier is just something on the side, which makes it a reverse of the Emerald chapter.
  • Duke R on 2012-May-19 19:00:24 Duke R said

    Uhum. It's only a sequel to the Diamond & Pearl chapter, the main characters didn't need to be introduced and almost all of their Pokémon were already caught. This chapter was short, but it had the plot flowing perfectly, it's as good as the others.

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  • 2014-Jul-09 23:33:24 Pokemon Special v41 c442 007.neuquant
    GoldenCrystal said: Oh remake chapters no matter how much I love you, it disappoints me of how short your arcs are..... Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.... Dont let us down. It is mest up how the remakes have to be shorter than every other arc.
  • 2014-Jul-09 22:47:16 Pokemon Adventures v43 cover
    LyokoDoReMi said: I have a question. Why is the Adventures logo red now? I mean, during GSC they changed the logo to match the cover, but then they... forgot to keep doing that? It just looks weird. I wouldn't mind if they wen't back to it matching the Pokemon logo or if it kept changing color, but the red doesn't match the cover half the time.
  • 2014-Jul-09 03:29:13 14-039
    Jonathan said: Well that was the reason why togetaro didn't evolve.
  • 2014-Jul-09 02:23:56 14-039
    pika09 said: I think that WAS the entire conflict between Gold and Togetaro in HGSS (I haven't finished it yet though, it's just what I heard).
  • 2014-Jul-09 02:05:22 14-039
    Jonathan said: Is it because he and togetaro didn't bond enough and didn't let him fight in any final battles. For example the final battle with the mask ice man and the final battle in the Emerald arc.
  • 2014-Jul-09 01:55:35 14-039
    pika09 said: Yeah, you do have to wonder why he'd switch Mantaro for Togetaro in HGSS even though Mantaro's his flying Pokemon. Togetaro becomes a Togekiss later on, but he didn't know that yet.
  • 2014-Jul-09 01:44:41 14-039
    Jonathan said: @pika09 is it because Gold use Mantaro as a flying pokemon where he can fly to any place since togetaro doesn't evolve until the hgss arc.