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  • 2015-Jan-29 23:30:29 Pokemon Adventures v11 - 052
    VGBM said: To be fair, Crystal is supposed to be eleven.
  • 2015-Jan-29 19:02:18 Pokemon Adventures v11 - 052
    CarcharOdin said: Hmm...well, the Wobbufett shirt....well...eh, fuck it. I'd hit it.
  • 2015-Jan-28 19:46:05 09
    Danica said: @Drake
    Jean Luc Pikachu
    Akka Onidrill
    Pigeon Vision
    Caterpie Randolf
  • 2015-Jan-27 23:25:23 Pokemon Adventures v11 - 052
    Ethan said: What the heck...? Talk about young moms...
  • 2015-Jan-26 20:18:50 09
    Drake said: I wonder what the puns are in Japanese. The first ought to be the same, but the others I find a bit forced...
  • 2015-Jan-26 11:57:39 Pokemon Special v40 c433 058.neuquant
    Thesilverwolf69 said: Giratina: REVENGE

  • 2015-Jan-26 10:16:56 Pokemon Special XY v01 c002 0008
    RPatterson4 said: holy shit did furfrou die