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  • 2015-Apr-27 11:59:05 Pokemon Special v52 c525 011
    Myracels said: They're all alergic to books, accept for Cheren, he's a secret superhero.
  • 2015-Apr-27 10:35:38 0 0003
    Rider said: @Kat No I have nothing against Green. She is one of the strongest dexholders. It just seemed like lunerblade was suggesting that Green was the most powerful trainer. I realized that perception was incorrect later, but never pointed that out. Sorry about that.
  • 2015-Apr-27 09:02:53 0 0003
    Kat said: @Rider Why did you even bring Red up? Are other dexholders not allowed to be strong?
  • 2015-Apr-27 08:40:06 page072
    Barretop22 said: And thus Old Spice was introduced in the Pokéworld.
  • 2015-Apr-27 08:24:26 0 0003
    Rider said: The only thing is that a Mega Blastoise is not very flexible as it has that giant cannon on its back, but then this is Green we're talking about.
  • 2015-Apr-27 04:42:34 POKEMON - V01 - 023
    Pokebra said: After reading this, I'm thankful Ash's starter in the anime was Pikachu and not this abomination.
  • 2015-Apr-27 01:20:58 0 0003
    lunerblade said: its not about strength but creativity. there is not a single person she has faced that has ever outwitted her and she was able to turn her blastoise into a jetpack.