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  • 2015-Sep-03 10:53:15 pokespe v26 page064
    DaPokemonMadster said: @MeltingPenguins
    Eh? I was just stating my opinion, and was conversing with CasualObserver, who thought it wasn't funny and mentioned that it was probably because she is a girl. And I was pointing out that gender doesn't really metter, it's just a matter of opinion while using myself as an example.
  • 2015-Sep-03 07:02:40 pokespe v26 page064
    MeltingPenguisn said: @DaPokemonMadster and Moo: I'm a woman too, and I hate this toilet humor (that's actually becoming more present in the latest chapters) and I know enough boys and men who think the same, so... your point in saying 'oh no I as a X thought it was ok' is exactly what?
  • 2015-Sep-02 22:28:21 pokespe v26 page064
    Moo said: I'm also a girl, and @DaPokemonMadster, I thought was funny too!
  • 2015-Sep-02 21:20:52 Pokemon Special v51 c524 176-177
    Caramell said: 10, I had to cry myself to sleep!
  • 2015-Sep-02 20:02:23 111bonuscomic
    starryblaze said: I had to read all of emeralds lines for an audition
    it didn't save
    kill me
    (its call pokespe casting call so check it out, its by pokemon special)
  • 2015-Sep-02 19:06:10 pokespe v26 page064
    DaPokemonMadster said: @CasualObserver
    Really? I'm a girl too, and the first time I read this I was laughing too hard to function XD I think him peeing is hilarious, and when I read the Viz version I was really disappointed that they censored it. I also disagree about the censor, I don't think it was that well done, especially considering that Emerald's saying something along the lines of, "I shouldn't drink too much soda, it's not good for me." If we're talking character, do we really think that Emerald is the type to say something like that?! Plus, it's so much more funny if Ruby thinks he's got pee on him instead of soda XD
  • 2015-Sep-02 18:06:42 Pokemon Special v10 p023
    YourAverage( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Bag said: http://knowyourmeme.com/photos/978590-anime-tiddies
    Someone made a meme out of this