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  • lunerblade on 2014-Nov-03 03:11:35 lunerblade said

    can i ask if this individual which i know is a elite four member of the fifth generation ever acts like this in the game.
  • Ilovethismanga on 2014-Nov-09 06:04:07 Ilovethismanga said

    No, but she did have crazy psychic powers that would cause explosions and stuff if she threw a fit. You never see it happen though, but she does get a little pissed that you woke her up from her nap.

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    Manga Reader X said: Well, it's actually six chapters, but yeah. The mangaka did make a another one volume long Pokémon Mystery Dungeon manga though: http://jb2448.info/Explorers_of_Flame/Chapter_1-6
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    Soren said: I wish this was a full series not just 5 short chapters....
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    Gaby said: Giant clefairy destroy the ship!
  • 2014-Dec-19 14:54:22 PA5 Chapter Fifty Nine11
    Green Lover said: haha... Green always have an extra benefits
  • 2014-Dec-19 03:31:16 PM V10 046
    BlackMegaCharizard said: I wonder if those two Pichu are really Pichu Brothers? Bulbapedia said that they're Pichu Brothers but I'm not really sure because "Pichu Big" does not have scruff of his head. If they're Pichu Brothers then it's great to see them appearing in a manga that is not a manga adaptation of the anime.
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    Manga Reader X said: Pokémon Manga Christmas Countdown entry #3: Pokémon Battle Stories chapter 3 magazine RAW.
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