Pokemon Special v39 c428 104


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  • B-st on 2011-Sep-25 01:38:30 B-st said

    The long hair make Caitlyn look like a Ju-on.
  • BoredPikachu on 2012-Aug-08 07:12:26 BoredPikachu said

    u ok Caitlin?
  • pokefangen2 on 2013-Mar-09 15:27:53 pokefangen2 said

    I just relise that this is the Caitlin of the elite four in the Unova region and she looks a lot like Mavis Vermillion from Fairy Tail.

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  • 2014-Apr-16 04:41:12 Pokemon Special v40 c441 193.neuquant
    zack said: I also thought he was going to pinch him.
  • 2014-Apr-16 01:01:02 PA3 Chapter Forty37
    Republic Empire said: Everyone! ScrewAttack did a DeathBattle episode of Kanto Starters:


    You have to see it and find out who wins in the end.
  • 2014-Apr-15 05:31:14 Pokemon Special v40 c432 039.neuquant
    049AT said: Well, Regigigas has to be useful somewhere. Its old, rusting and balding operating platform doesn't allow it to do a whole lot else other than crushing smaller, weaker, and less mobile things.
  • 2014-Apr-15 00:06:33 Pokemon Special v40 c432 039.neuquant
    Hyper-Box said: Oh my God! Heatran's face looks almost unrecognizable in the last panel. Crush grip in the 'Adventures' Universe is insanely brutal.
  • 2014-Apr-14 20:38:35 Pokemon Special v40 c441 193.neuquant
    Max said: Ah, my apologies. I thought you were referring to Saturn's rage moment in the last panel.
  • 2014-Apr-13 21:13:28 Pokemon Special BW c23 CCI 2013-03 007.neuquant
    049AT said: @ReiZerou
    Why not use the original names? Like the Japanese ones? I don't use them because I'm not used to using them (and if I read the Jp scans, I'd understand like 50% only). I use whatever scheme I'm used to. For anime characters, I use the Jp names (Haruka, Satoshi, etc). For Pokemon, moves, and locations, I use En because I'm used to seeing them in En from the games. For Pokemon Special, it's a bit more complicated. I first started in Vol. 15, but not in En or Jp. There, Green was male, Blue was female. Apart from the Dex Holder names, I had no idea who was doing what where because I didn't recognize any of the names. So I went to see the summary, which was written by Coronis. But since Vol. 15 is at the end of GSC, I went back to see the start of GSC (after Vol. 21), which was in some "official" translation, where Green and Blue were swapped. I was already used to it being the other way around, so I ended up reading the summaries instead. Only after a long while did I read the entire series from Vol. 1, but I substituted the names with what I was used to, especially in the RS arc, where the "official" translations screwed with location names and gender. "Groudon and Kyogre are found in Cave of Origin in the bottom of the sea", for example.

    And after that (until not too long ago), the summaries came out before I saw the Jp scans, so I'm naturally used to seeing the naming/nickname scheme of Coronis.

    So in summary: I didn't like the "official" translations when I started because they had a lot of oddities. I didn't read the Jp ones because I wouldn't have understood anything at the time. I didn't completely read with the language I started with because the names confused the hell out of me. So I stuck with Coronis summaries because that's what was the best of what was available (this is before DP progressed in Jp), and now I'm used to it.
  • 2014-Apr-13 10:06:08 Pokemon Special BW c23 CCI 2013-03 007.neuquant
    ReiZerou said: @049AT
    If you have issues with official translated names, why not just use the original ones? I'm just, really confused with your reasoning. It's alright not to like the translations, but why use some other names than the originals in that case?