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  • 2015-Sep-01 21:35:08 pokespe v26 page064
    RandomPerson said: In the sensored version Todd think that he's trying to jump to his death. So, peeing is worse then suicide. Really viz?
  • 2015-Sep-01 20:09:47 02
    AyeSirDesu said: can you translate the rest of the pages? :O i really want to read them :3 especially the gold x crystal and the green x blue~
  • 2015-Sep-01 16:12:47 Pokemon Special ORAS c04 015
    pwc13 said: If that's what you think then okay. It's always been the same with all the girls but not entirely. Sure, it could turn out to be like RS but then again, maybe not. FRLG was different than RBGY and the same with HGSS and GSC. Open mind...please? Yes, it kinda does seem like lazy writing now but I'm still wanting to give this thing a chance anyways.
  • 2015-Sep-01 15:58:59 Pokemon Special ORAS c07 p25
    Aeemseven said: Ya, same here, but I think they all just came back
  • 2015-Sep-01 15:28:00 Scan Pic0025
    Lol XD says said: Thanks again XD
  • 2015-Sep-01 13:39:29 Scan Pic0025
    Falneou17 said: Yay I did it! Oh well, like last time, this is the last one I can upload for now...

    Red: It's me who... wants to be together with you

  • 2015-Sep-01 13:36:53 Scan Pic0024
    Falneou17 said: Red: ... Hold on for another month!

    Red: No! Two weeks are enough! If I have that much time...
    Yellow: Red-san, what are you... No!

    Yellow: It's... It is nothing! Please don't care about that!
    Red: How can it be nothing?

    Red: You're crying!
    Red: Don't worry!
    Red: Don't say things and overdo yourself!

    Red: I don't want to see you like this!
    Yellow: ... What are you planning to do Red-san?
    Yellow: I don't want to interfere on you--
    Red: IT'S NOT THAT!!