Pokemon Special v39 c427 093


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  • B-st on 2011-Sep-24 21:33:40 B-st said

    Platinum's face in the top panel says "DA FUCK?!" all over it! X'D
  • Lolwhut? on 2012-May-22 05:18:46 Lolwhut? said

    Last panel.Thornton's doing a derp
  • Maxine on 2012-May-22 06:13:24 Maxine said

    he just looks like a perve now...

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  • 2014-Jul-11 23:23:21 Pokemon Special BW c14 020.neuquant
    Greener said: @Manga Reader X and everyone else: Please ignore my previous comments on this page. Those comments were just pathetic attempts on my part to barge into a spot on Team Special Scans because I wanted my name on the credits page. And even if those comments were to be taken literally, they are not constructive at all and thus, either way, are to be ignored. And not just my comments on this page; in this whole site generally, please ignore me and take me for less than a grain of salt as I am a 40-year old street urchin who failed out of special ed 3rd grade and my spam on this site is just a way to help myself take my mind off of the fact that no one likes me, I have no friends, and I am a reject by society.
  • 2014-Jul-11 23:18:26 Pokemon Special v41 c442 007.neuquant
    Greener said: Oh and I forgot to add: when I said "shitposts", I meant no comments but mine. I am in no doubt the most unnecessary waste of space taking up other people's oxygen in the Pokémon fanbase and like I said before, I have absolutely no right to even establish my presence here. I apologize to everyone for spamming this site and calling my pile of drivel "criticisms". Everyone, please ignore my above comments as they are nothing but a 40-year old street bum's attempts at being funny and please keep in mind that they have absolutely no value in them whatsoever and are not to be read.
  • 2014-Jul-11 22:54:08 Pokemon Special BW c14 020.neuquant
    Greener said: Why didn't you make that public earlier? You could've gotten more help with scanlation if you looked for people who could program MySQL.

    Actually, better question: Why aren't you looking for help from Serebii? They've been translating right from bought copies of the Japanese magazines carrying them.
  • 2014-Jul-11 13:50:23 Pokemon Special BW c14 020.neuquant
    Manga Reader X said: We would if we could. This site has some weird MySQL errors that prevents uploading and instead corrupts albums. Until that is fixed, nothing is uploadable here.

    If anyone reading this has experience with MySQL and wants to help out, that might speed things up.
  • 2014-Jul-11 11:27:36 Pokemon Special BW c14 020.neuquant
    Greener said: And why won't they be uploaded here?
  • 2014-Jul-11 06:41:19 Pokemon Special BW c14 020.neuquant
    Manga Reader X said: This weekend or early next week three BW magazine chapters will be uploaded to teamspecialscans.com and Batoto. When exactly depends on when the uploader gets it uploaded.
  • 2014-Jul-11 02:57:11 Pokemon Special v41 c442 007.neuquant
    VGBM said: I can't believe the damn ditto actually won.