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  • 2014-Nov-22 12:48:49 11
    cut kittystrawberry said: so cute
  • 2014-Nov-22 04:39:01 Green (male) Design
    Jean-Luc said: Happy Birthday Green
  • 2014-Nov-21 14:53:53 26297104 p0
    Yelow ☆ said: Mami Tomoe :o
  • 2014-Nov-21 13:16:32 031pg28
    Bahmo said: Well; it's confirmed to be happening, for better or for worse. Don't screw it up!
  • 2014-Nov-20 23:32:07 POCKET MONSTERS V02 - 106-107
    Gaby said: LOLOL, now its an army of cloned clefairy! right after Red gets the Master Ball.
  • 2014-Nov-20 23:26:36 POCKET MONSTERS V02 - 104-105
    Gaby said: THE ATTACK OF GIOVANNI'S ARMY OF PORYGON!!! I could never think of an army of Porygon, and they're all attacking clefairy. lol
  • 2014-Nov-20 09:32:40 STP V2 004
    BlackMegaCharizard said: I wish that there should be another manga adaptation of the Johto saga of the anime! Takashi Teshirogi have made fine manga adaptations of Johto episodes but his manga adaptations of the AG episodes were better in my opinion! This chapter is one of my least favorites because it's a disappointing adaptation of the Lugia arc episodes. The only thing that I like in this manga adaptation better than the anime version is Oliver's design. Yes, I like his design.
    Here is some things that I like dislike in this manga adaptation:
    1. Butch, Cassidy, Ritchie and Luka were all ignored (What's wrong with Butch and Cassidy? It would be great to see them appearing in a manga).
    2. Silver's mother (aka Mother Lugia) appeared in less panels.
    3. Dr. Namba has wrong pokemon (A Hitmontop and a Gastly instead of Electabuzz? The Hitmontop belongs to Butch not to him -_-).
    4. Dr Namba has a terrible design (Yes, that's my opinion but I still don't like his design -_-).
    If you guys want to reply to me then I prefer not to bash my post. Of course, everyone has different opinions but please no bashing.