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  • 2014-Aug-20 10:39:05 PA8 Chapter One Hundred And One20
    Greener said: Okay, first: Necro.

    Second: I'd more likely chalk this up to Mato's failing attention to detail.
  • 2014-Aug-20 08:40:11 PA8 Chapter One Hundred And One20
    Gold said: Hey its pokemon logic
  • 2014-Aug-20 08:30:50 PA8 Chapter One Hundred And One08
    BIPEN said: Or Chicken Fried Rice.... Pokemon is evil!!
  • 2014-Aug-19 17:34:12 12-052
    Greener said: It's cooler for three Pokemon to have to do something than for one to do everything.
  • 2014-Aug-18 20:10:06 12-052
    lunerblade said: @nobadi-liek-u I guess that no one pokemon can do all three of these things at once. one pokemon must first calm the whirlpool, then have a second split the waterfall, and then a third to swim through all this. any one of these procedures stopping for a second would most likely lead to death.
  • 2014-Aug-18 18:14:35 12-052
    nobadi-liek-u said: @Duke R He's never heard of an HM slave, i suppose.
  • 2014-Aug-18 17:03:52 Pokemon Special v43 cover
    Manga Reader X said: And it looks like it is preserved in the original right to left reading direction after all.

    To anyone wondering which edition to get - VIZ or Shogakukan Asia - I say definitely get the Shogakukan Asia edition. VIZ has chosen to cut down on printing costs by leaving out a few colour illustration pages while Shogakukan Asia keeps the colour illustrations. I say that we show Shogakukan Asia support and VIZ the middle finger.