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  • 2015-May-27 14:03:52 Pokemon Special v51 c519 011
    Macromind101 said: 10x better reason than the games where the Straiton trio didn't join because Bianca didn't get to them in time...
  • 2015-May-27 01:41:53 pokespe v26 page032
    VGBM said: @YourAverage: please don't encourage them.
  • 2015-May-26 18:36:12 pokespe v26 page032
    YourAverage( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Bag said: YO DITTO! http://www.memecenter.com/fun/4717101/get-it-out-get-it-out-get-it-out
  • 2015-May-26 14:25:41 pokespe v26 page032
    Greener said: Okay, you're not fooling anyone Ditto. Please get out.
  • 2015-May-26 13:06:44 pokespe v26 page032
    Greener said: Stop.
  • 2015-May-26 01:18:22 Pokemon Special v39 c430 178
    Fennekin said: Last Panel: -Insert Giratina game cry here-
  • 2015-May-26 00:32:37 pokespe v26 page032
    Greener said: @YourAverageBag http://www.quickmeme.com/meme/35hq1d