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  • 2015-Apr-24 22:19:21 Pokemon Adventures v23 c278 - 020
    Anonymous said: Ah. Well, that's what I get for reading these out of order. I read the HG/SS chapters first.
  • 2015-Apr-24 21:16:26 Pokemon Adventures v23 c278 - 020
    CasualObserver said: With all due respect...
    it's really Petrel with all his Koffing who's like Orm with all his Shuckle. I mean, Orm did come first, after all.
  • 2015-Apr-24 20:19:05 Pokemon Adventures v23 c278 - 020
    Anonymous said: This guy with all his Shuckles is like Petrel with all his Koffings...
  • 2015-Apr-24 18:53:10 Pokemon Special v52 c525 014
    Gold Kenway said: Lack two got that sixth sense.
  • 2015-Apr-24 17:38:28 107pg102
    ShinyPeridot10 said: Ha ha so Emerald still went against a charizard lol
  • 2015-Apr-24 12:22:47 Pokemon Special ORAS c03 025
    PokemonRules said: @lightshade, Well you never know maybe they might make another game with Emerald's name with some other word with it (like omega Ruby) and then make another arc about it if that true that would be awesome!
  • 2015-Apr-24 11:11:00 Pokemon Special v52 c525 016
    CasualObserver said: Don't mean to criticize the translators or anything, but...either Leo's sign is Gothorita, or he was born in February.
    Like Whi-Two said, September's sign is Gothorita. Simipour is the sign for February. Leo can't be a Simipour if he was born in September, and if he's a Simipour he wasn't born in September.