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  • 2015-Mar-05 09:18:55 Pokemon Special ORAS c03 p011
    Me said: Wait I Kazura jealous because Luchia is a fan of Ruby? I can't read I well since the hiragana above the kanji is quite small.
  • 2015-Mar-05 09:10:15 Pokemon Special ORAS c03 p009
    justsomeguy said: I agree with Greener on this one. This recon really make that incident lose its value on many aspect, this recon just a cheap plot device to put out Zinnia personal easy.
    Beside having her proud laughing while talk about it really make its lose all the impact .But If this recon happen later when Ruby and Sapp's trust on Zinnia are on doubt then it's impact will be greater than this
  • 2015-Mar-05 08:12:05 Pokemon Special ORAS c03 p009
    Kat said: I never said anything about Zinnia's reception in-game. I'm talking about how divisive she can be in fandom. Though she wasn't exactly adored by the npcs in the game either. I don't see what your problem is with Kusaka here, he hasn't made her any more likeable or unlikeable than she already is. Her goal was more important than considering the feelings of others, it's perfectly in character for her to not really care that she hurt some kids in the process of freeing her dragon god. She assaulted kids to get their mega stones in the games after all. Kusaka hasn't inflated anything here. Game Zinnia would do and act the same way if this scenario had happened in her universe.

    Again, the retcon into making Zinnia responsible for the attack rather than it being Ruby by accident isn't really a big deal. The characters outside of Zinnia had no idea it was her, so I fail to see how this seriously changes anything. Norman still had to protect his son from being blamed, the kids were still traumatized, etc. Ruby saving Sapphire and them both changing themselves because of each other was the number one important thing here, not Rayquaza being freed.
  • 2015-Mar-05 07:32:50 Pokemon Special ORAS c03 p009
    Greener said: Also, incoming Ditto. Don't trust anything spoken under my name.
  • 2015-Mar-05 06:33:14 Pokemon Special ORAS c03 p009
    Greener said: @Kat: If the goal was to make her a condescending jerk, that'd make her redundant, since Shelly already fills that role. Zinnia is obviously supposed to be another new piece of eye candy for players to jerk off to, so making her unlikable is only going to be counterproductive.

    And now you're telling me Zinnia wasn't well-received in-game, either? Then what Kusaka should've done is come to a conclusion to how he and/or players would react to her, and then find a method of compromise between game canon and his own mindset. That's what happened with N, although that could've just been him being one part attacking the fandom and another part ripping off Manga!Kaworu. Instead, he only inflates her character by stacking this incident onto her.

    And FYI, the Salamence incident was about how Ruby saved his and Saph's life only to end up causing Rayquaza to be freed. To have it turn out that the Salamence would've attacked anyways just ruins any point that scene ever had existing. Not to mention what this does to Norman's social status after the incident.
  • 2015-Mar-05 05:33:08 Pokemon Special ORAS c03 p009
    Kat said: But Zinnia wasn't the most likeable person in the games to a lot of people either. If you want to complain that this makes the reader turn against her when you're apparently supposed to like her, then complain that the game does the same thing by revealing she was helping to potentially doom the planet with her awakening Kyogre/Groudon plan and being a condescending know-it-all who ended up not knowing that much. They're just continuing the theme of her being a sympathetic jerk. And Zinnia being behind the attack doesn't effect its impact on Ruby and Sapphire either. It being a wild or trained Salamence is irrelevant to the trauma it caused them.
  • 2015-Mar-05 04:52:57 Pokemon Special ORAS c03 p009
    D-Omen said: I don't think Rayquaza was anywhere near the Space center. They were trying to control him by harnessing the power of the Emerald and probably tried different methods once that proved ineffective, that's what I was referring to.

    I don't think this undermines anything in Ruby and Sapphire's characters. Their actions and the way the Salamence attack shaped them (and Norman too) have no relation with why it happened, everything would've gone down the same way regardlessly. It may have been different had Zinnia specifically targeted them, but them being in the way of Salamence was most likely just a coincidence, so it's the same as a freak accident. I don't directly blame Zinnia for what happened to them, the same way I don't directly blame Pryce for causing the FRLG arc by kidnapping Silver. I also don't think Zinnia was well-written at all in the games, so for the the only way to go in regards of her character is up, but that's of course a matter of opinion.