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  • 2015-Mar-05 18:41:58 Pokemon Special ORAS c02 p019
    Ethan said: I get what you're saying, but one must remember his childhood. He was far from prissy. He quit battling because he freaked out young Sapphire. Now that he's lost his excuse for quitting and that he's done a lot more fighting since then, one would imagine he would slowly revert back to his normal self. Besides, he's getting older and probably more aware of his masculinity. Now, I don't doubt we'll see prissy Ruby from time to time after this, but the guy's also an insanely good fighter.
  • 2015-Mar-05 18:07:39 Pokemon Special ORAS c02 p019
    Heart said: @Jet: Didn't Sapphire confess her feelings to Ruby first?
    @Myracels: Ruby isn't all frills, he's had plenty of badass moments before, so I don't see him being out of character at all. Sapphire said herself that Ruby will try to do things by himself when the pressure is on to protect the people he cares about. Such as trapping Sapphire and teaming up with Courtney.
  • 2015-Mar-05 16:20:57 Pokemon Special BW c05 003.neuquant
    Ethan said: Like no one ever was...
  • 2015-Mar-05 15:14:46 Pokemon Special ORAS c02 p019
    Jet said: I like your point of view. But, note I said that Ruby didn't know if Sapphire liked him BACK.
  • 2015-Mar-05 14:53:03 Pokemon Special ORAS c03 p009
    Myracels said: I think Zinnia's character is going to become interesting but I think she actually has a more important goal (or at least the writers have...)
    ...causing shippings...
    most people ship franticshipping because it's (sadly) almost canon but there hasn't really been an opposite, of course you have the crack pairings wildsideshipping, fieldworkshipping, vainshipping,...
    But most people wouldn't mind seeing Ruby and Sapphire together, well, in almost (!!!) every pokespe there have been different shippings that aren't crack, you have: Specialshipping but you also have: Luckyshipping, this causes different opinions, fan fictions, fanart, forums which means more attention.
    You have: Mangaquestshipping but you also have Soulsilvershipping = more attention.
    Ruby hasn't really been paired up with someone with real evidence except for Sapphire, this one bold move he made with Zinnia was only for the fans to start another shipping, and letting Zinnia into his childhood is even more drastically.
    I don't really mind though as long as they keep Sapphire stable: sure Sapphire would fight for Ruby but she wouldn't compete with Zinnia with Ruby as the main price, Ruby shouldn't be hesitating and should choose without hesitating for Sapphire, if you ask me that would be Sapphire's opinion.
    I also hope that Sapphire and Ruby come together, there won't come another remake of ORAS so they should just pair them up, it would be a huge step for the manga to let people that are 13+ (who probably already see movies like 'sex tape' 'THG' blabla)
    see two characters who are kissing.
    Zinnia is just making shippings happen for a part if you ask me, sorry if you are offended by this but maybe you should look up the word 'opinion' (sorry I'm becoming sick of al this immature people on the internet who don't understand that you need to respect somebody else their opinion, sorry)
  • 2015-Mar-05 14:29:57 Pokemon Special ORAS c02 p019
    Myracels said: @Jet: Ruby said when he confessed to Sapphire: " I've always liked you, ever since we first met,'
    And I just thought that none of the dexholders even know why he wears that hat even though Gold teases him with his hat he doesn't say like: "Here you see Gold?! That's why I wear the damn hat!"
    Also I always thought that Ruby represented the less masculine boy of the dexholders which I always saw as a relief from: battle crazy Red, Serious Green, pervy Gold, silent Silver, ... (I really like al the dexholders but come on we all have our bad traits right?)
    And now they let him do really cool stuff which I always thought was Sapphire's thing, and now Sapphire is training with much discipline.
    It's just that Ruby is acting really out of his prissy boy attitude which I always liked about Ruby, sorry if my opinion offended you in any way but that's just how I see Ruby
    (but the dude still needs a hair cut)
  • 2015-Mar-05 12:27:28 Pokemon Special ORAS c03 p009
    D-Omen said: @VGBM I love this manga with all my heart (wish it came out in proper volumes and from the beginning in my country, I'd throw money at it >_>), so I don't mind getting into arguments about it. At least we're being reasonable here and expressing our thoughts and opinions, it's not like we're flaming each other.

    (btw, that's a step-up from your self from a couple years ago, Greener)