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  • 2015-Jul-31 05:50:28 Pokemon v22 - 072
    Lolipiece said: Celebi did reverse time. Just on the people who died.
  • 2015-Jul-31 05:46:51 66pg62
    Lolipiece said: Why is it "jerkish"?

    He's under no obligation to like the Pokemon. And it's not like he abuses them.
  • 2015-Jul-31 02:40:57 66pg62
    G said: To be fair, Emerald's mindset of liking Pokemon battles, but not Pokemon, while jerkish to the extreme, is fairly unique in any Pokemon series.
  • 2015-Jul-31 02:29:03 45pg41
    G said: Well, in the games the regis start at level 45, so maybe he could've trained them a little.
  • 2015-Jul-31 01:33:44 pokespe v26 page088
    G said: Officer Jenny? I don't think she's even on site. Probably still getting a donut and coffee.
  • 2015-Jul-31 00:09:38 Pokemon v22 - 072
    Lol XD says said: But celebie needs to reverse time in order to revive dead people
  • 2015-Jul-31 00:05:49 page072
    George said: ^Thick Fat ability.