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  • Chronicle on 2013-Feb-23 14:37:34 Chronicle said

    If you look closely Dia used Wig's single razor leaf to skewer Vespiqueen in the stomach.
  • Volt on 2013-Mar-23 15:23:31 Volt said

    This should be a new move in 6th gen...
  • lunerblade on 2014-Aug-13 03:54:21 lunerblade said

    dia master archer.

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  • 2014-Aug-27 02:04:55 PA8 Chapter One Hundred06
    SilverROX! said: I read out loud i just imagined him saying it really fast!

    Anyone else realize that Gold looks looks like he's wearing a marril hat kinda thing in shadowy form
  • 2014-Aug-27 01:39:25 PA8 Chapter Ninety Seven14
    SilverROX! said: My favorite is Yellow and the daycare owners one!
  • 2014-Aug-27 00:07:46 PA8 Chapter Ninety Six07
    SilverRox said: You guys' should have seen how much i laughed when i saw those last three panels! i nearly wet my pants!
  • 2014-Aug-26 23:55:16 PA8 Chapter Ninety Five12
    SilverROX! said: Can you tell who mine is PoochFTW?
  • 2014-Aug-26 23:31:24 PA8 Chapter Ninety Three04
    SilverROX! said: Ah, first time meeting your rival and soon-to-be friend!
  • 2014-Aug-26 23:28:39 PA8 Chapter Ninety Two14
    SilverROX! said: Silver! Whoot!

    When i first sat Battan, it looked like Batman to me!
  • 2014-Aug-26 21:11:08 PA8 Chapter Ninety One14
    SilverROX! said: This is a a start of a beautiful friendship!