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  • Chronicle on 2013-Feb-23 14:37:34 Chronicle said

    If you look closely Dia used Wig's single razor leaf to skewer Vespiqueen in the stomach.
  • Volt on 2013-Mar-23 15:23:31 Volt said

    This should be a new move in 6th gen...
  • lunerblade on 2014-Aug-13 03:54:21 lunerblade said

    dia master archer.

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  • 2014-Oct-21 17:58:33 Page 12
    JES said: Damn! And I liked Eckruteak City too!!
  • 2014-Oct-21 17:55:35 Page 10
    JES said: You're the proud owner of a newly evolved Quilava.

    And that is another dollar. So that is 4 dollars in total for making someone collapse.
  • 2014-Oct-21 17:53:19 Page 09
    JES said: Oh, I recognize that look. Explotaro is more than okay. Even better than okay.
  • 2014-Oct-21 17:34:30 Page 17
    JES said: Must have a good nature for battling. I think Gligar here got more than he bargained for.
  • 2014-Oct-21 06:45:30 Pokemon Special v35 c391 140.neuquant
    Ilovethismanga said: Good nickname, except for the fact that "Tung" isn't in Lickylicky which it evolved into so the nickname is USELESS, GOD DANGIT YOU MESSED UP SO BAD DIA!
  • 2014-Oct-21 06:28:05 [u-prod]pokemon 009 04
    pokefairy said: This somehow looks like fairy tail ryouga is natsu and yappy is happy and miruto is lucy
  • 2014-Oct-20 19:08:06 PA8 Chapter One Hundred And Two11
    JES said: You can tell from Silver's smile that those grunts are screwed.