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  • 2015-Apr-17 21:52:19 Pokemon Special v35 c392 156.neuquant
    InsertSomeFridayHere said: What the fuuuuuu
  • 2015-Apr-17 20:55:45 pkm15 195
    049AT said: Sapphire can read Katakana (and Hiragana), since the very first thing she read from this test was "Pokemon", which was written in Katakana (ポケモン). She can't read Chinese letters, aka Kanji (漢字), which is why she skipped over the "Poison" in the test, as it was written in Chinese (毒).
  • 2015-Apr-17 12:03:57 pkm15 195
    Kat said: @Barretop22 She knows hiragana, that's the basic alphabet everybody knows. It's the rest that gives her trouble. She probably didn't get around to learning more because she's busy out in the wild.
  • 2015-Apr-17 11:55:27 pkm15 195
    Barretop22 said: So, Sapphire doesn't know how to read Hiragana. Is there any reference pointing to her knowing Katanaka? Or is she just illiterate due to not having an education other than the one provided by ber father?
  • 2015-Apr-17 11:25:25 pkm15 195
    MegaEeveeMaster said: Hirigana
  • 2015-Apr-17 10:39:18 pkm15 195
    Barretop22 said: Is this Hiragana or Katanaka?
  • 2015-Apr-16 23:30:11 Pokemon Special BW c18 CCI 2012-02 012.neuquant
    PokemonRules said: Lol, the look on poor Black's face on the last panel...