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  • 2015-May-04 22:37:30 pkm19 006
    ht14 said: Just out of curiosity, what does the Braille actually say? I've been trying to make sense of it but nope =/
  • 2015-May-04 15:48:21 Lack-Two
    YourAverageDoucheBag said: It's yoooooooo birthdaaaaaaay!!
  • 2015-May-04 12:35:50 Lack-Two
    CasualObserver said: So we know the birthday of an International Police agent, and possibly the birthday of an ex-member of a criminal organization who's gone into hiding, but not the birthday of the president of a presumably well-known Pokémon talent agency or the birthday of a powerful Pokémon League Champion? Seems legit.
  • 2015-May-04 11:31:13 Lack-Two
    Lucas said: It is released in volume 52.

    And this is the same birthday with Detective Conan XD
  • 2015-May-04 09:39:01 Lack-Two
    Rider said: I know Lack-Two had mentioned his sign is a Bouffalant (May), but I didn't know the day was revealed as well. If it is today, then happy b-day Lack-Two.
  • 2015-May-04 08:59:47 Lack-Two
    CasualObserver said: Really? I didn't know any of the Unova Dex Holders' birthdays had been revealed yet.
  • 2015-May-04 08:06:35 Pokemon Special ORAS c02 p021
    queensugarlove said: Ummm..... ok...... uhh..... Sapphire, sweetie dont look you're too young for this ROFL