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  • 2015-May-23 12:21:04 047pg44_2
    Myracels said: Mimi is really like: Like A Boss
  • 2015-May-23 12:11:21 037pg34
    Myracels said: Why is Sceptile angry? I mean he must remember from his time with prof Birch that Sapphire has Torchik, one of his former friends, the starters from Johto were very happy when they reunited
  • 2015-May-23 12:07:58 075pg70
    MeltingPenguins said: A small question:
    I keep reading that Guile's Surskit/Masquerain is male, but never found a clue to that in the pages. Does anyone know where that came from?
  • 2015-May-23 12:06:00 033pg30
    Myracels said: @Lunerblade:

    Me too, me too...
  • 2015-May-23 12:00:55 36pg32
    Joyce said: I think that the regi trio that appeared in the fourth chapter (RS) are different pokemon from the regis in this page. The former are "special" legendaries that are uncatchable, feared by everyone and dozens of times stronger than the latter. They went back to their caves to rest forever after groudon vs kyogre.

    Brandon's regi trio are possibly the offspring or something like that of the special regis. So these regis are catchable by normal trainers....

    I know this still does not sound very reasonable, but it is a bit like how there are many latis in altomare and most of them are relatively weak...

    Yes this is much more strange than the celebi ex machina.
  • 2015-May-23 11:31:17 36pg32
    Myracels said: I generally don't like it when a 'normal' character has a legendary, legendaries are special and that no one can catch them, except in times of need, is the thing that makes them so exclusive, couldn't they just have given the guy pseudo-legendaries? Garchomp, Tyranitar,...
    But you're right it's weird that they are just catchable while in the R&S arc they were... well locked up because people were terrified of them
  • 2015-May-23 11:23:43 36pg32
    Kat said: This bothered me way more than Celebi ex machina. crocodileman94's theory is the only thing that makes sense, but even then it's ridiculous one guy got all three even powered down after wielding them were such a a big deal in RS.