Pokemon Adventures v32 c358 - 034


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  • 2015-May-23 10:46:35 66pg62
    Myracels said: No character development detected. No character development detected.
    C'mon Emeral be a good character and enjoy Pokémon themself instead of battling, come on give me a reason to like you T___T
  • 2015-May-23 10:27:24 Pokemon DP vol05 p135
    bobdatbuilder said: those time puns tho
  • 2015-May-23 10:22:21 36pg32
    crocodileman94 said: My theory is that their legendary power was burnt out during the clash of the titans.
  • 2015-May-23 09:47:42 45pg41
    Myracels said: Wait...how did Brendan get the regi's at level 50...?
  • 2015-May-23 09:22:57 36pg32
    Myracels said: WAIT! In the R&S there were two persons necessary per Golem who were all part of the elite four or were champion, and this guy just CATCHED them?!
  • 2015-May-23 08:44:08 pokespe v26 page092
    Myracels said: Oh sorry, it's Crystal...
    But still: what a good idea!
  • 2015-May-23 08:42:46 pokespe v26 page092
    Myracels said: Let's give a boy who doesn't like pokémon permission to use every pokémon catchable!
    Prof. Birch we know that you aren't the smartest one but that is just rightout stupid...