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  • 2015-Mar-05 04:52:57 Pokemon Special ORAS c03 p009
    D-Omen said: I don't think Rayquaza was anywhere near the Space center. They were trying to control him by harnessing the power of the Emerald and probably tried different methods once that proved ineffective, that's what I was referring to.

    I don't think this undermines anything in Ruby and Sapphire's characters. Their actions and the way the Salamence attack shaped them (and Norman too) have no relation with why it happened, everything would've gone down the same way regardlessly. It may have been different had Zinnia specifically targeted them, but them being in the way of Salamence was most likely just a coincidence, so it's the same as a freak accident. I don't directly blame Zinnia for what happened to them, the same way I don't directly blame Pryce for causing the FRLG arc by kidnapping Silver. I also don't think Zinnia was well-written at all in the games, so for the the only way to go in regards of her character is up, but that's of course a matter of opinion.
  • 2015-Mar-05 03:36:29 Pokemon Special ORAS c03 p009
    Greener said: @D-Omen: Not likely. I don't remember if it was ever stated where Rayquaza was contained. I would assume it would be a random building in Ever Grande, what with its proximity to the Pokemon League. The Mossdeep Space Centre is as much a museum as it is a research facility. It's a dumb retcon, but not one that's beyond suspension of disbelief.

    Unlike THIS retcon with Zinnia, which basically boils down to "Let's take the Salamence attack, which defines Ruby and Sapphire's characters, gives them motive to change themselves for the sake of others, questions the morals of training a child for combat, and makes the reader wonder what the lives of two children are worth against the safety of a nation against a natural disaster, and make it all the fault of our new character".

    It's stupid not just for that, but it harms Zinnia more than it's supposed to enhanse her. Since she's a female who's had sexual tension with the protagonist, we're obviously supposed to like her and feel sympathetic towards her. By making such a massive event in the Pokespe-verse her fault, it makes the reader irrationally hate her to a degree that they'd likely protest her getting spared the karma from all these events. Christ, if they REALLY wanted to make Salamence someone's fault, Sird's entire role was as a plot device! Why not get rid of her at long last instead of ruin a perfectly good new character?!

    This is comparable to how Bleach keeps making Aizen Sosuke responsible for every goddamn thing that ever happened in that story up to and including the protagonist's very birth.

    Or, to use a term in this universe, it's like if you made Pryce's kidnapping of Silver and made it the catalyst for Giovanni starting Team Rocket. Or making the death of Pryce's Laprases the responsibility of Maxie.
  • 2015-Mar-05 02:43:20 pokemon special v43 063
    VGBM said: Okay, but this isn't either of those, it's in the middle of the chapter.
  • 2015-Mar-05 02:31:35 Pokemon Special ORAS c03 p009
    D-Omen said: Makes sense that she would attack the space center given the Delta Episode though, especially for trying to control Rayquaza... Either another almost prophetic coincidence, or yet more evidence that Kusaka has some say in the games' plots.
  • 2015-Mar-04 23:05:31 pokemon special v43 063
    Manga Reader X said: "i did not attempt to translate the cover and in-between-chapters pages because i was primarily focused on the actual content of the chapters." - The Golden Pidgeot
  • 2015-Mar-04 21:22:48 Pokemon Special ORAS c03 p009
    Greener said: ...what? Are you SERIOUSLY retconning this?
  • 2015-Mar-04 21:20:49 Pokemon Special ORAS c03 p001
    Greener said: 4chan thread link?