Pokemon Adventures v32 c358 - 034


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  • Bahmo on 2012-Oct-17 18:53:35 Bahmo said

    I love how even though Diamond always plays as the butt monkey, he's actually the more heroic of the two. Look at him in the top right panel; looking all badass, while Pearl just looks scared. As if to say, "I can take a punch; try me!"
  • Greener on 2012-Oct-17 20:55:56 Greener said

    Meh, IMO, Dia looks like an adorable girl in the top-right.

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  • 2014-Apr-23 06:42:44 Pokemon Special v43 c457 p017
    lunerblade said: my guess is that he is riding the roar of time like a surfer would ride a wave. spending so much time in the rift of time would help you get used to certain things.
  • 2014-Apr-23 06:15:21 pokemon special v43 071
    Kirito said: Adds to the shock when Lance looks at the chest area and finds nothing.

    "You were a guy all along, Yellow?"
  • 2014-Apr-23 04:57:40 pokemon special v43 076
    Bahmo said: Glad I'm not the only one who thinks Yellow is a Mary Sue. As for Crys, she's at least finally exercising her birthright to use her super-kicking on people, but if she's so embarrassed about what Gold might think of that outfit, why not just go kick the shit out of her mother until she gives her old clothes back?
  • 2014-Apr-23 04:31:49 pokemon special v43 071
    Bahmo said: Wouldn't Petrel's Yellow costume be better if he didn't include the Rocket shirt?
  • 2014-Apr-23 02:00:38 pokemon special v43 044
    Bahmo said: An image Dialga will never live down.
  • 2014-Apr-22 20:09:38 Pokemon Special v43 c457 p017
    Bahmo said: We've seen people survive a direct hit from an Arceus attack that destroyed a gym. Is anything shocking anymore?
  • 2014-Apr-22 18:55:04 pokemon adventures logo 1
    Manga Reader X said: Just found a fourth one:

    Pokemon Adventures [ROM hack, complete]