Pokemon Adventures v32 c358 - 034


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  • 2015-Aug-01 05:15:06 PA2 Chapter Twenty Two14
    Dat-Mudkip said: Not gonna lie: I seriously wish I was that badass.
  • 2015-Aug-01 04:10:31 PA1 Chapter Ten06
    Dat-Mudkip said: "Taking baths with Tentacool: What can go wrong?"

  • 2015-Aug-01 04:07:11 PA1 Chapter Nine11
    Dat-Mudkip said: Poliwhirl doesn't care that you pierced him. He only care about freezing you solid.

    "That pinched a little. Am I supposed to cry now, buddy?"
  • 2015-Aug-01 03:59:51 PA1 Chapter Eight10
    Dat-Mudkip said: How did Red not know?

    Cerulean Gym rules:

    #1: We follow a "No Non-sense" policy. No exceptions.
    #2: Do not question authority unless it seems absolutely necessary (i.e.; "Why are you wearing a ski mask, and are dressed all in black?")
    #3: Never make any jokes involving Misty being the gym leader.
    #4: We are not responsible for clothing getting wet.
    #5: We are also not responsible for electronic devices being broken and/or damaged. (We do, however, take responsibility for broken Poke balls where applicable).
    #6: Avoid running when possible. We are not responsible for injuries resulting from slipping on a wet surface while running and/or speed-walking.
  • 2015-Aug-01 03:57:32 PA1 Chapter Five12
    VGBM said: It's amazing how a body that small can contain that much sass.
  • 2015-Aug-01 03:33:26 PA1 Chapter Five12
    Dat-Mudkip said: Pika be all like
    "You peeps enjoy the show?"
  • 2015-Aug-01 01:43:44 pg071
    G said: I don't know about you guys, but when Dia said "They're just balls to me", I was thinking, "Whoa. I thought you made silly puns, not sex jokes!"