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  • 2015-Jul-02 23:30:43 Pokemon ReBURST v01 cover
    DaPokemonMadster said: @Manga Reader X
    Ah! So sorry about that! Didn't realize! I won't do it in the future, I promise! Just trying to help out, I really know nothing about all the scanlator sites and stuff!
  • 2015-Jul-02 23:05:05 Pokemon ReBURST v01 cover
    Manga Reader X said: @DaPokemonMadster:
    Please do not recommend MangaFox / MangaHere / MangaReader / mangapanda / Manga[InsertWordHere]. All of these leecher sites are a cancer to scanlation and is one of the biggest problems facing scanlation groups. Use Batoto, the scanlator's website and if it's a Pokémon manga, this site.
    It's actually chapter 1-7 and 69-71 and all of these chapters have been available in the original quality through the Pokémon RéBURST section of this site for at least half a year, probably more.

    Also, Pokémon Special steals a good chunk of the target audience, the people who only read Pokémon Special and never give other Pokémon manga a chance. And since Pokémon Special is the most popular and profitable Pokémon manga publishers focus on publishing it (and a movie manga every now and then).
    Actually, I got a cleaner and a translator for the two ORAS oneshots, but the cleaner hasn't contacted me in seven months, so it's not looking that great. Five chapters from How I Became a Pokémon Card were scanlated by Ketsuban back in 2004 or 2006 (can't remember which) and those scanlations are available on this site.
    As for RéBURST scanlations: Chapter 1-7 were done by U-Prod Scanlations. The group closed down and split up into two separate groups in the fall of 2012. If I remember correctly it was due to the project manager going MIA (missing in action). A group called Pokemon-Originals then started scanlating the newest chapters (chapter 69-71) since they figured people could read summaries for the chapters in between until they would have time to scanlate those. They used mangazine RAWs for these chapters since these were the only RAWs available at the time. (U-Prod Scanlations on the other hand had used perfect RAWs that were ripped from Club Sunday's website by JB2448). The thing about magazine RAWs is that the paper quality ranges from utter pile of shit to almost as good as tankobon. (The more frequently a magazine is published the worse the quality is: weekly magazines are have shit quality paper while monthly magazines are usually good quality-wise. CoroCoro Comic for example is a weekly junk magazine with shit paper quality). Unfortunately the paper quality in the magazine where RéBURST was published was really shit (the paper is even coloured red since the publisher wanted to save money by recycling old printed paper and adding red dye to the paper mix). This is fixable by an experienced cleaner via Photoshop, but it is a very time consuming task. So, after those three chapters Pokemon-Originals put RéBURST on hiatus and Pokemon-Originals then merged with a fansubbing group called The Moonlighters. Then The Moonlighters, I and JB2448 released Pokémon Zensho chapter 0 and after that Pokémon manga projects have been on a sort of semi-hiatus.
  • 2015-Jul-02 22:33:01 Pokemon ReBURST v01 cover
    Greener said: Great job, Ditto. I tell you to ignore me, and you continue to harass. What do you want?!
  • 2015-Jul-02 20:57:35 Pokemon ReBURST v01 cover
    Myracels said: Ah Greener you must be confusing VGBM with me, I loooooooove to write smack about you ^-^ it's a productive hobby ^-^
    And I love saying everything that's wrong with the series, for example: I HATE Blue, like what the hell: she just thinks she's more important than whole Kanto region, and the deus ex machina of the petrified dexholders, and Ruby's bangs in ORAS, I HAVE A TRAUMA O_____O
    And please I can't justify my opinion, I just love bìtching about stuff, I'm very glad YOU, the dearest Greener, at least can do that (please sign my hat, I'm like your number 1 fan ^-^)
    I'll shut up, I'm like AMAZING at not talking, you know I once managed to keep my mouth shut for 13 houres? Wait does being asleep counts, let's just say it counts, so anyway my mom baked these amazing pancaked, ya know with amazing brown sugar 'n stuff, and my dad helped with the pancakes by swinging them in the air, wait do they say that 'swinging' something in the air since I know you use if for vines 'n stuff, but does it also include stuff like this? I don't know if google translate can help because it's wrong like always, every time I want help with my homework my mom says google translate was wrong, they should really update that program, although it's good for one word, but it takes long to put my computer on and I rather just look it up then in my dictionary- am I talking too much? Nah I don't think so I have shut up for such a long time yesterday I don't think it's necassary, don't you think VGBM? And Greener of course, but let's just resume the story, so I ate them and then I- wait wrong story! Ah how stupid of me, alright let's just start again...
    Alright but for my arguments, I still think Google translate could be better, even facebook is smarter than that, did you guys hear that facebook is trying to read our thought, like really guys it's crazy, I'm happy I'm not very active because I'm more the quiet type 'n stuff, I'm sure you can notice that ^-^! But anyway, that stupid google translate can never help me with Latin, it's always wrong: I mean you can even see which function every word has and the thing still doesn't do it right! Argh I really want that Latin- English dictionary in the fifth year, ow yeah the American school system works different, so you don't know what fifth year is, isn't it? Well it's quite high you're like 17 then, but anyway it'll be so easy then, maybe I'd like to learn Japanese after school it's just a beautiful language but all the signs look so hard, I mean, it has Kanja, Hiragana and Katakana, and I can read Greek and it still looks so hard, but anyway, it's still a beautiful language isn't it? Greener can you talk/read Japanese, anyone else? Does Chinese actually differ a lot or is it like Spanish and Latin? Spanish is also pretty, everything sounds so romantic, even though I'm not that romantic myself, that's more Ruby's thing and I'm more like Sapphire, and they're opposites, but they're still so cute together! I do hope Sapphire will kick his ass once, he deserves it for lying to her! But mangaquestshipping is also very cute, even though specialjewel can be fun too, but my ships are quite mainstream, if you don't count my obsession for crack pairings, they're just so funny and fluffy, seriously you should read some, but anyway I can shut up for like so long, some people say I can ramble, I don't think so though, just say so when I'm rambling tho, 'tho' is quite weird don't you think, but it's an easy abbrevation, he I learned a new word today, it's quite long for a word with such a simple meaning, but google translate said it was that so maybe there's something shorter, always feels nice to learn new things, such as new people! Even though Greener and I have been friends for a long time! Haven't we pal ^-^, we always PM on fanfiction and you're such a fun trading partner in ORAS, even though I still think your battling skills can get a little bit better, but don't worry everybody has its thing! I think you should become a psychiatrist, you're just such a good listener, and like you just said you always have good arguments, and especially when you would have people like me there, then you can calmly say what you want withoug being interrupted. Aren't people who interrupt rude? And people who try to insult a person by being nice! UGH I can't stand those, but who can actually? Ohhh I just noticed it's past midnight where I am, Ruby's birthday is over, well that's too bad! Now we can wait for Sapph! Ruby really did get a lot of fanart though, but he's really popular, even though his 'I'm too cool for you' demeanor in the ORAS arc, maybe that'll change? Meh who knows? Someone psychic here? Ow that would be cool looking into the future, but maybe it's also frightening but I also think cool-

    Am I rambling? Ah it could! I think I'm spamming you guys in that right comumn now!

    Oh yeah one last note:
    -This message is dedicated to Greener, my best friend, best pm buddy and husband.
  • 2015-Jul-02 20:38:02 Pokemon ReBURST v01 cover
    meep said: JWitzz really loves almost all Pokemon manga in general, not just Spe. It's just that...yeah ReBURST was that disappointing. No real character development or interaction, and there's badly drawn boobs everywhere trying to make up for the lack of substance.
  • 2015-Jul-02 18:57:35 Pokemon ReBURST v01 cover
    Greener said: Yes I do, aren't you the one who spammed this website the last week with your unwelcome presence talking smack about me and every single content of the series that you didn't happen to like? Me, for instance, I am actually justified in my arguments - I actually provide evidence for the flawed parts of the manga. If only you, the dittos and the other idiots didn't undermine my arguments because of "how I act", I would be able to convey my points successfully and shut everyone up. So next time before you berate others with your groundless claims, how about doing some research and present some arguments that are actually correct?
  • 2015-Jul-02 18:47:18 Pokemon ReBURST v01 cover
    MeltingPenguins said: *states It's a matter of YMMV*
    *Gets accused of trying to fight against all kind of negativity*
    *Is at the same time the one who is not too found of Pokespe because of its plotholes, deus ex machinas and 'actions for the plot's sake'*
    Excuse you, but do you really think I'd be the first one to speak up against not liking something?