Pokemon Adventures v32 c358 - 034


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  • Bahmo on 2012-Oct-17 14:53:35 Bahmo said

    I love how even though Diamond always plays as the butt monkey, he's actually the more heroic of the two. Look at him in the top right panel; looking all badass, while Pearl just looks scared. As if to say, "I can take a punch; try me!"
  • Greener on 2012-Oct-17 16:55:56 Greener said

    Meh, IMO, Dia looks like an adorable girl in the top-right.

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  • 2014-Aug-29 19:59:23 095pg90
    chikadee said: So at this point Maxie is dead and Archie vanished (probably dead)... Who on earth will be the ORAS villans now?
  • 2014-Aug-29 19:39:23 Pokemon Special v43 c457 p012
    someone said: I'm a little confused. Does Giovanni know absolutely nothing about the mask of ice incident or just not care at all. If he knew then shouldn't he be even slightly mad at Pryce?
  • 2014-Aug-29 19:04:43 14-098
    GSCLover said: Why did Gold leave his other pokemon?
  • 2014-Aug-29 18:07:49 14-051
    GSCLover said: this is making me all choked up!
  • 2014-Aug-29 18:03:31 14-046
    GSCLover said: Oh, now this is more funny than the one where he is asking for silver!
  • 2014-Aug-29 14:56:20 Pokemon Special v41 c448 169.neuquant
    Zazzy said: @Dreamingflower I agree.

    Personally, I can't see any ship tease at all here. But maybe that's because I'm not a fan of MangaQuest and SpecialJewel...
  • 2014-Aug-29 14:47:18 13-084
    GSCLover said: Now this is what i call a train-er battle!