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  • 2015-Jul-04 23:24:03 Page 01
    ShinySkar said: This page just gives more evidence to my theory:

    Red is actually a lot sharper than he shows. He pieced together that Yellow was a girl, but was surprized he was correct and/or she was the girl he met and helped out. (All that has nothing to do with this page.) He knows she likes him, but acts like he doesn't notice because relationships aren't his priority.

    The page helps prove (the second part) of my theroy by how he notices Pika slightly blushing, while there have been many times where Yellow has been next to him and obviously blushing.

    But it's just a theroy...
  • 2015-Jul-04 22:43:42 pikachu03
    XD said: I was right!!!
  • 2015-Jul-04 22:41:29 PKSP Boys - Baby
    XD said: Where is the sub?
  • 2015-Jul-04 22:24:15 PKSP Boys - Baby
    moo said: I saw it in English sub, what they're saying is pretty sweet but awkward
  • 2015-Jul-04 22:19:17 pikachu02
    XD said: Is the problem that they're not men?
  • 2015-Jul-04 21:39:48 pikachu01
    @ said: This comic is awesome!
  • 2015-Jul-04 21:31:20 PKSP Boys - Baby
    ShadowRider4 said: Red's face when he sees Yellow's super long ponytail for the first time... In addition to that line... Sooooooo much better xD!