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  • JB2448 on 2012-May-29 03:08:22 JB2448 said

    Platinum dancing was one of the funniest things in the DP arc for me.
  • pika09 on 2012-May-29 03:23:54 pika09 said

    That doesn't even include how Dia is copying her!
  • ZeXaL_5D's on 2012-May-29 06:13:30 ZeXaL_5D's said

    Dueling Network XD
  • ダニカ on 2012-May-30 20:43:15 ダニカ said

    XDD I can't dance either! LOL
  • grub on 2013-Sep-05 08:27:31 grub said

    with all the grace and enthusiasm of the back seat girls in Rebecca Black's Friday
  • TJ on 2013-Sep-05 09:00:11 TJ said


    Dia still likes it :P

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  • 2014-Sep-20 06:49:14 Sapphire Profile
    Jean-luc said: Happy Birthday Sapphire Odamaki
  • 2014-Sep-20 06:39:44 Sapphire Profile
    I love manga said: Happy Birthday Sapphire~~~!!
    I'm sooo happy to know I can see you again in the remake arc (*3*)
    I wonder how much you've grown since last time.
    (don't know why, but I personally want to see a 14-year-old Sapphire)
  • 2014-Sep-20 06:17:48 Sapphire Profile
    pika09 said: It's already the 20th here, so.... happy birthday Sapphire! I can't wait to see you and Ruby and Emerald again!
  • 2014-Sep-20 06:16:22 Pokemon Adventures v23 c271 - 002
    Zazzy said: Eh, I guess it's just habit, then. XD

    You're welcome. It's horrible to see people bashing other just for having different opinions. :L
  • 2014-Sep-20 06:16:00 Pokemon Adventures v23 c271 - 002
    justsomeguy said: @Ilovethismanga No, actually Green (the male) have green eyes, just look at vol 24's cover. The thing is in my country when the manga come out, the character name's is in Japanese but i play the game in English, so I refer the main char Jap name but the pokemon and the other support character's name in English
  • 2014-Sep-20 05:14:04 Pokemon Adventures v23 c277 - 013
    Ilovethismanga said: Maybe they just want him to drop the soap.
  • 2014-Sep-20 05:07:56 Pokemon Adventures v23 c277 - 010
    Ilovethismanga said: @JupiterThunderz
    He must have sptaken lessons from May- I MEAN, Sapphire. gosh, all those years of calling my character May in pokemon rse have really taken their toll...