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  • 2015-Jan-31 22:56:22 00
    Translater said: Yellow: Right. Ok... i just need to give these chocolate to Red. *doki doki
    Yellow: Um... eh... Red! Please accept this! *hands over gift
    Red: Eh.. a gift? Thanks Yellow!
    Red: Oh! It is chocolate!
    Yellow: Um...
    Red: Is there a problem?
    Red: Oh! it is handmade!
    Yellow: Um... Red...
    Yellow: Today is...Valentines Day... *lowers head *blushes
    Red: Valentines?
    Red: *blushes which means...
    Pika: These taste great!
    Red: Um... th...thanks...
    Yellow:... No problem
  • 2015-Jan-31 21:56:40 ruby hb9
    Greener said: Couldn't have just shown your appreciation by simply reading it and saying "Thanks"? Had to make an autistic post about "OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG YOUR TEH BEST EVA1111111111111111111111", didn't you?
  • 2015-Jan-31 18:46:40 ruby hb9
    Ilovethismanga said: Omg thank you so much for translating this! You're a champion!
  • 2015-Jan-31 16:39:10 ruby hb10
    Greener said: Sorry you had to do this after being yelled at, Kanjiname.
  • 2015-Jan-31 15:07:47 ruby hb10
    ゴミ said: Ruby: But of all the sunsets I've seen...
    Ruby: I thought this was the prettiest one yet.
    Ruby: Going like this why don't you dye yourself in me more?
    Sapphire: Whaddya mean?
    Ruby: Let's see... Maybe opening your eyes to fashion and the like...
  • 2015-Jan-31 15:06:55 ruby hb9
    ゴミ said: Sapphire: Ruby...
    Ruby: It's the greatest surprise!
    Ruby: It's beautiful.. the scenery.
    Ruby: And you dyed in it is even more beautiful.
    Ruby: ...Is what you thought I'd say?
    Sapphire: You were teasin' me!?
    Ruby: But
  • 2015-Jan-31 15:06:13 ruby hb8
    ゴミ said: Sapphire: It's almost like I'm dyed in Ruby!
    Sapphire: ...Just... kidding...
    Ruby: Don't look at me, it's because you said a bunch of weird stuff!
    Sapphire: Whaddya mean weird!? Sorry fer sayin' somethin' like me!
    Ruby: No it's not bad! Geez!