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  • JB2448 on 2012-May-29 03:08:22 JB2448 said

    Platinum dancing was one of the funniest things in the DP arc for me.
  • pika09 on 2012-May-29 03:23:54 pika09 said

    That doesn't even include how Dia is copying her!
  • ZeXaL_5D's on 2012-May-29 06:13:30 ZeXaL_5D's said

    Dueling Network XD
  • ダニカ on 2012-May-30 20:43:15 ダニカ said

    XDD I can't dance either! LOL
  • grub on 2013-Sep-05 08:27:31 grub said

    with all the grace and enthusiasm of the back seat girls in Rebecca Black's Friday
  • TJ on 2013-Sep-05 09:00:11 TJ said


    Dia still likes it :P

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