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  • 2014-Oct-31 08:24:08 PA1 Chapter One01
    sugoineko said: It was nice reading all the thoughts of those who read this manga before you. :3
  • 2014-Oct-31 08:21:51 PA3 Chapter Twenty Eight09
    sugoineko said: Eesh, I feel sort of bad for starting all this, I didn't mean it!
  • 2014-Oct-30 22:01:41 Pokemon Adventures v11 - 123
    lunerblade said: i think falkner is relating to the fact that being hit by steel wings regardless of "type advantages" would still hurt like hell no matter who you are.
  • 2014-Oct-30 20:08:38 PA3 Chapter Twenty Eight09
    VGBM said: @gamergoddessdin: Okay, this is ridiculous, so I'm going to try and explain it as best as I can.

    First off, there IS a pattern the manga has with naming the dexholders. For every new generation they name the male player character after the first game, the rival after the second, and the female player character after the third. The r/s and b/w examples Ilovethismanga mentioned are the only exceptions to this rule. In r/s because in those games the opposite-gendered counterpart WAS the rival, and again in b/w because those games had two rivals, and neither of them were even namable (something all character the dexholders are based off of have been so far, excluding female green/blue and the two OCs).

    Back to r/g/b, the first two pokémon made in Japan were Red version and Green version, which is why the rival's Japanese name is always Green. However, Japan also has a Blue version (hence the third dexholder's existence), which was made later with a different engine that fixed some bugs and made some sprites look prettier. When they localized the games, they actually made two NEW games that used the engine from Blue and the everything-else from Red & Green. They named them Red and Blue in an attempt to combine the names from the Japanese games, so when some people translate this manga, they switched the names of the characters to keep it consistent with the pattern I mentioned.

    So what sugoineko, Florocita, and basically everyone but you are saying is true: that both names are correct. You're not better than anyone else for preferring one over the other.
  • 2014-Oct-30 19:03:13 pg092
    Florocita said: There needs to be a prize for best sniffer girls. xD
  • 2014-Oct-30 18:56:45 PA3 Chapter Twenty Eight09
    Florocita said: Regardless, people call her what they prefer to name her as. I don't honestly see what the big problem about it is...
  • 2014-Oct-30 18:37:19 Pokemon Adventures v11 - 131
    JES said: Wow, being dragged by the arm, from a Skarmory's leg.

    That must be a pretty painful lesson for poaching.