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  • Dat Person on 2011-Dec-12 20:11:15 Dat Person said

    I just noticed the first panel has the "B Word" in it.
  • PantheonFefnir on 2011-Dec-12 20:25:38 PantheonFefnir said

    Bish? Oh, for goodness sake... that's a sound effect. It happens when people get hit. I've been bish'd a couple of times in the past, myself. It a really difficult location to be hit in, but the sound effect sounds nice,,,
  • PreciousMetalShippingFTW on 2012-Feb-07 17:40:30 PreciousMetalShippingFTW said

    Sucks for Ruby. He got bished.
  • st4/liz on 2012-Mar-13 18:18:04 st4/liz said

    ok.....WTH RUBY!!!!
  • Julia on 2012-Mar-13 21:02:14 Julia said

    Ouch, Ruby. That's what you get for insulting Sceptile back when it was a Treecko.
  • Maxine on 2012-Mar-14 00:19:28 Maxine said

    this is why i say he seriosly has to get rid of that " Better then the green one " personality..
  • kagami-chan on 2012-Mar-19 19:46:10 kagami-chan said

  • GamerGoddess on 2013-Feb-20 16:57:56 GamerGoddess said

    Well, that's one way to say "Yes, I remember you. You're that bully that said I sucked after barely even looking at me."

    Ruby really shouldn't have brought it up, he must have wanted to get beat up if you ask me.
  • Pokefan on 2013-Jul-14 10:50:33 Pokefan said

    A Pokemon never forgets.
  • crocodileman94 on 2013-Jul-14 11:11:05 crocodileman94 said

    Looks like somebody got bish slapped.

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    Manga Reader X said: @VGBM: That is the real Greener.
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    DaPandaBear said: To be honest, I actually prefer the ditto over Greener. At least the ditto knows what the people's positions on this site are (he kind of tends to target the hated users on this site). Greener either has no idea or neglects the fact that he's the most hated user on this site and as a result, has the nerve to give others lectures on how to "behave" on the Internet.
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