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  • 2015-Mar-04 18:47:03 Pokemon Special ORAS c03 p001
    JB2448 said: The latest chapter of Omega Ruby·Alpha Sapphire is up in Japanese. English translation should hopefully be coming soon.
  • 2015-Mar-04 16:57:30 pokemon special v43 063
    Ethan said: What happened to the English? It comes back in a couple pages, though...
  • 2015-Mar-04 15:06:21 Pokemon Special v43 c458 p040
    Ethan said: Thanks!! You're awesome!
  • 2015-Mar-04 14:21:20 Pokemon Special v43 c458 p040
    VGBM said: http://jb2448.info/Scanlations/The_Golden_Pidgeot/pokespev43
    and you can find a good chunk of BW in the magazine scans section.
  • 2015-Mar-04 13:35:16 Pokemon Special v43 c458 p040
    Ethan said: So can anyone direct me to a place where I can finish this arc and start BW?
  • 2015-Mar-04 08:55:44 Pokemon Special v42 c453 089.neuquant
    Ethan said: You've been there before, Gold. You were with him, even... oh well. It's Gold we're talking about
  • 2015-Mar-04 06:48:55 Yellow Profile
    Fennekin said: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YELLOW!

    -I'm so late-