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  • Dat Person on 2011-Dec-12 20:11:15 Dat Person said

    I just noticed the first panel has the "B Word" in it.
  • PantheonFefnir on 2011-Dec-12 20:25:38 PantheonFefnir said

    Bish? Oh, for goodness sake... that's a sound effect. It happens when people get hit. I've been bish'd a couple of times in the past, myself. It a really difficult location to be hit in, but the sound effect sounds nice,,,
  • PreciousMetalShippingFTW on 2012-Feb-07 17:40:30 PreciousMetalShippingFTW said

    Sucks for Ruby. He got bished.
  • st4/liz on 2012-Mar-13 18:18:04 st4/liz said

    ok.....WTH RUBY!!!!
  • Julia on 2012-Mar-13 21:02:14 Julia said

    Ouch, Ruby. That's what you get for insulting Sceptile back when it was a Treecko.
  • Maxine on 2012-Mar-14 00:19:28 Maxine said

    this is why i say he seriosly has to get rid of that " Better then the green one " personality..
  • kagami-chan on 2012-Mar-19 19:46:10 kagami-chan said

  • GamerGoddess on 2013-Feb-20 16:57:56 GamerGoddess said

    Well, that's one way to say "Yes, I remember you. You're that bully that said I sucked after barely even looking at me."

    Ruby really shouldn't have brought it up, he must have wanted to get beat up if you ask me.
  • Pokefan on 2013-Jul-14 10:50:33 Pokefan said

    A Pokemon never forgets.
  • crocodileman94 on 2013-Jul-14 11:11:05 crocodileman94 said

    Looks like somebody got bish slapped.

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