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  • Myracels on 2015-May-23 12:51:40 Myracels said

    There goes my headcanon that Seniors are always better than their Juniors...

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  • 2015-Jul-04 04:18:05 Pokemon DP vol05 p040
    PsyKeeRan said: THIS. IS. DEATH. xD
  • 2015-Jul-04 03:13:15 07
    MetaDarkeus said: "What's this guy's damage?"
  • 2015-Jul-04 00:56:37 107pg102
    ShadowRider4 said: Although I wish to believe that Red would have won, there are multiple things you need to keep in mind when considering the (possible) outcome of the tournament. First is, as mentioned previously, the fact that only Emerald (and perhaps, to some extent, Ruby and Sapphire) is used to the rules of the Battle Frontier. The Kanto and Johto dex holders are more prone to battling with all six of their Pokemon, creating a balance and harmony of their attacks. If they can't use all six of their Pokemon, they are much weaker than they could be (prime dex holders that come to mind due to this are Red, Yellow, Gold and Crystal).

    Secondly, which I know has been brought up at least once before, is the fact that Red (as well as Green, Blue, Yellow and Silver) had just recovered from being petrified for about two months just the previous day, and then directly forced to battle a wave with a mind of its own. Although everybody is battered after their battle against Guile Hideout, I am fairly certain that most of them have not recovered completely and were therefore not in tip-top shape, possibly making the tournament not an accurate display of each dexholder's abilities.

    Also, more so in the Battle Dome than anywhere else, choosing the right Pokemon is usually so important that it can decide the outcome of the battle right then and there. Okay, let's go with the assumption that Red is the strongest because he is the "battler" or "fighter" of the dexholders. He can only register three and of those three he can only use two. His first opponent being his rival who knows him better than anyone, Red would have a tough battle right off the bat. Even if he DID win against him, he would have to face off against the cunning Blue OR the surprisingly powerful battler Ruby even BEFORE he could reach the finals. Although I am not saying that Red isn't good in thinking of tactics, I don't think he is the best at them as often he acts on impulse rather than long time planning.

    On the other side of the tourney tree, it would be between Emerald/Yellow and Gold/Sapphire/Silver to decide who goes to the finals. Looking at the bottom trio first, Gold, albeit a strong fighter, relies on his entire team to win battles as can be shown in his battle against the Mask of Ice (as an example). Sapphire is used to battling with stricter rules, but that does not mean that she can beat Gold, as Gold is rather cunning himself. Whoever wins has to face off against Silver who, not only is a powerful battler as shown multiple times, but focuses on Water type Pokemon, which has a major advantage against Gold's Typhlosion and Sapphire's Blaziken and Donphan. Although Silver has the upper hand based on types, that semi-final battle can go either way. As for Emerald/Yellow, although it is implied that Emerald won the entire tournament, I do think Yellow would serve as a powerful opponent, even though she hates battling, due to her synchronization abilities with her Pokemon. Given that she probably won't be using that in a casual tournament, but still something to keep in mind.

    Finally, although Emerald either won the tournament or the symbol was given to him (the latter which I highly doubt considering his pride), there is still no guarantee who won the left hand half of the tournament to face off against Emerald. Again, just because Red is a powerful battler, he has competition in his half and there was no guarantee that the final battle was Red vs Emerald (for all I know, it could have been any one of Green vs Emerald, Blue vs Emerald or Ruby vs Emerald).

    Although I like Red, I get tired of people looking at Red and saying "Hey! That is Red from Pallet Town! The champion of the 9th annual Pokemon League at the Indigo Plateau and the "Battler" among the Pokedex Holders! He is invincible and nobody can beat him!". Just because he is a powerful battler (as Professor Oak said that "no ordinary trainer could stand a chance against him" when he was only thirteen years old back in the Yellow chapter), Red (or anyone else for that matter) is NOT INVINCIBLE. Powerful, yes, but not unbeatable. All the Pokedex Holders have been shown to have lost a battle here and there which goes to show that they are NOT INVINCIBLE. The titles of the dexholders are also not always the best description of the trainer themselves, as Ruby, who conquered the contests in Hoenn, is a surprisingly powerful battle who can keep up with his father, gym leader Norman, and even managed to make Sapphire speechless in Fortree City. Please people, just understand that Red is human and not some unbeatable god or something like that.
  • 2015-Jul-03 23:36:32 107pg102
    moo said: Thats true, no one is invincible..........
  • 2015-Jul-03 23:20:49 PA3 Chapter Thirty Six01
    ijustwannapostmycomment said: Yellow! :D
  • 2015-Jul-03 21:29:55 099pg94
    pwc13 said: Déjà vu. Am I right or am I right? ^.^
  • 2015-Jul-03 21:21:27 107pg102
    Lolipiece said: Nothing has been stated about the battle between Red and Emerald.

    And nice person? That's not being a nice person.

    That's looking down on Emerald

    Emerald worked hard to get all the other Symbols. By going easy on him, especially after that final battle they had, is an insult. If you want to win, you need to go all out.

    And can we stop acting like Red is some unbeatable god just because he's the Champion? He's strong, not invincible.