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  • 2015-Jul-07 20:20:27 21
    BlackMegaCharizard said: Have you noticed that in this english translation of this chapter, she was only called as "Jeanette" instead of her full name "Jeanette Fisher"? Maybe the translators knew that her first name was Jeanette in the english dub of The Fourth Round Rumble but they didn't knew that she also had a last name. I wonder if these translators have read some scripts for the english dub of anime (before they were aired on American TV) and they decided to use the same english names that were used on some characters (like Ritchie) from the anime? It seems that they knew that the english name of other Ash's rival in the english dub was Ritchie but they didn't knew that his name was spelled with a "t" and they spelled his name without a "t" instead. Of course, they didn't knew that the english name for Ritchie's Pikachu was Sparky in the english dub. According to this topic from Google Groups, some user named Maria Rocket (I think some users here may have heard of her) knew that the Pikachu was going to be named as Sparky for the english dub version: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!searchin/alt.games.nintendo.pokemon/SPARKY$20CHUCHINO/alt.games.nintendo.pokemon/N5MjCHmVuL8/4xerE1_5FGoJ
    Note: This topic was made before A Friend In Deed was aired in USA.
    As far as I know, the english translation of Welcome to the Big League was published before the english dubs of The Fourth Round Rumble and A Friend In Deed were aired on TV because this chapter was published on a monthly issue from September 1999. The Fourth Round Rumble was first aired on 13th November 1999 and A Friend In Deed on 20th November 1999. So that mean that both Jeanette and Ritchie made their own American debuts in the english translation of the EToP manga before the english dub of the anime. I would like to know about the original date of this chapter that was published on the CoroCoro Magazine (same with other EToP chapters too). If some of the users knows the original date of this chapter then please tell me from which month and which year was this chapter published? 1999 (like how the anime episodes were aired on this year) or 1998? If this chapter was published on 1998 in Japan then that mean that Ritchie and Jeanette made their own debuts in the EToP manga before they made their own in the anime.
  • 2015-Jul-07 17:05:17 Pokemon Special ORAS c05 25
    Myracels said: There you are Greener! I and DaPokemonMadster have been looking all over the place for you! You've been skipping 'pokémon-talk-lessons' don't go bully people! That ain't nice! C'mon we need to practice for the pokémon-talk-tournament, we've been discussing it for ages!
  • 2015-Jul-07 16:33:17 Pokemon Special ORAS c05 25
    Greener said: @lightshade: None of us wanted to see your completely unnecessary spam. I guess everyone's out of luck.
  • 2015-Jul-07 15:55:05 Pokemon Special v52 cover
    light said: SCREW IT.
  • 2015-Jul-07 15:30:20 Pokemon Special ORAS c05 25
    lightshade said: I DID NOT WANT TO SEE THAT
  • 2015-Jul-07 15:05:38 Pokemon Special ORAS c05 18
    lightshade said: *emerald hair* maybe its Maybelline
  • 2015-Jul-07 14:53:24 Pokemon Special ORAS c06 p01
    lightshade said: Yeeeeee emerald