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  • 2015-Sep-22 13:44:00 gallery logo
    JB2448 said: Hey everyone,

    This comments section has been alive and well for the past nearly half a decade now, and it's been through a lot of resets due to spambots, with precious translations and insightful discussion being the victims of these resets. Because of this, we've decided to launch the Pokémon Special Gallery Forums, a place where this insightful discussion and translation work will be preserved regardless of what happens to the main site (renovations, upgrades, complete resets and overhauls, etc.). Because of the threat of future spambot attacks, we have decided to disable the comments section indefinitely. You can sign up for the forums and discuss all of the new content, post translations, or whatever else you might feel like posting (it has an Everything Else section!). Thank you for enjoying Pokémon manga for all of these years, and we hope you will continue to enjoy them for many years to come.

    As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me via the contact form in the upper right of the website, or on the forums (or on Twitter if you feel so inclined).

  • 2015-Sep-22 07:45:35 PA6 Chapter Seventy Four04
    technohowler0055 said: splash is useful in real life, useless in the games
  • 2015-Sep-22 06:37:35 PA6 Chapter Seventy Four04
    ColdZero said: So splash is not that useless after all
  • 2015-Sep-22 03:50:50 sapha hb9
    zack said: @Greener
    Sorry, that was the Ditto. How come we can't counter him yet?

    (Confession: Not zack but also not the ditto)
  • 2015-Sep-22 02:47:54 sapha hb9
    Greener said: I believe you already made this post just a couple months ago, "zack".

    Not like I care if you did. You're still not worth paying attention to.
  • 2015-Sep-22 00:11:13 sapha hb9
    moo said: Hey hey, lets not go there @zack. What you said could hurt Greener's feelings!˚▱˚
  • 2015-Sep-22 00:02:48 Sapphire Profile
    moo said: MY b-day is in October..... just not sure if i have the right parents....◉︵◉