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  • 2014-Aug-29 08:37:16 Pokemon Special v41 c448 169.neuquant
    Dreamingflower said: I don't see how Crystal talking about her getting embarrassed if Gold sees her in the outfit is any ship tease for Jewelshiping.

    Silver was just probably happy about her considering him her friend, since the two hardly had any conversation in the GSC arc, cept for EEK punks!! from Crystal's part.
  • 2014-Aug-29 01:27:16 12-075
    GSCLover said: Anyone else realize that All, Ken and Harry have become main team rocket characters in the manga?
  • 2014-Aug-28 21:13:34 Pokemon Special v33 c371 136.neuquant
    lunerblade said: their reactions are cute. just like green and blue meeting mewtwo.
  • 2014-Aug-28 19:42:03 Pokemon Special v43 c458 p038
    GoldenCrystal said: This is why Mangaquest is the best =) Gold and Crys are so cute together <3 (Sorry Specialjewel fans. That ship isn't bad either. That part with Silver and Crystal on the boat was pretty funny.) =P
  • 2014-Aug-28 10:18:11 Pokemon Special v43 c458 p038
    eternalblueflames said: Boy do i remember the chapter when Cry's mother told her that she should wear something that should capture the kids' eyes i never knew it would also catch the eye of her *cough* *cough* (LOL I'm just kidding) FRIEND, Gold. I'm pretty sure Silver also thinks it fits her but I guess he's just a bit shy-- or he also thought she might kick him even before finishing his sentence.... :3
  • 2014-Aug-28 10:13:27 Pokemon Special v43 c458 p037
    eternalblueflames said: Crys why can't ya see that he is not trying making to make fun of ya... those bedroom eyes are dead serious gal
  • 2014-Aug-28 09:57:04 Pokemon Special v41 c448 169.neuquant
    eternalblueflames said: I sense some specialjewelshipping moments going on here but i still love mangaquestshipping