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  • 2015-Jun-30 21:45:27 Pokemon Special v10 p012
    Rider said: If the kid you're calling Emerald is who I think you're calling Emerald, they're wearing a skirt so...that's not him.
  • 2015-Jun-30 21:21:21 Pokemon Special v10 p012
    VGBM said: Where? The only person I see outside the fence is Oak.
  • 2015-Jun-30 21:08:50 Pokemon Special v10 p012
    pwc13 said: You sure it's Emerald? It could be but...well...still...
  • 2015-Jun-30 19:47:32 Pokemon.Special.full.1420719
    pokemans said: nice chart
  • 2015-Jun-30 19:22:52 Pokemon Special v10 p012
    Violet said: peekaboo i see u emerald
  • 2015-Jun-30 16:57:07 Pokemon Special v40 c441 223.neuquant
    Rider said: @Lol XD:

    Lol XD
  • 2015-Jun-30 16:30:43 Pokemon Special v40 c441 223.neuquant
    Lol XD says said: Ohh just like fire red and leaf green