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  • Beagle454 on 2011-Apr-15 20:19:39 Beagle454 said

  • Lolipiece on 2012-Jan-27 04:06:47 Lolipiece said

    On second thought...I take that back.
  • sapphire on 2012-Jun-02 00:13:53 sapphire said

  • Dreamingflower on 2013-Mar-05 17:50:43 Dreamingflower said

    One of the rare scenes where we get to see the main character being seriously injured, with blood and all.
  • Republic Empire on 2013-Apr-03 13:54:30 Republic Empire said

    That scene gives me an idea on my AU Halo-Pokemon crossover which Ruby and Sapphire as little kids were attacked by Zealot Sangheili which gave Ruby his scars before the events of Halo 1.
  • some fangirl on 2014-Apr-12 14:54:41 some fangirl said

    Honestly can't believe this scene was kept unedited in the vizkids release. I was sure they were going to edit it into the skiy but... nope, it's untouched. I'm glad, but I'll never understand their thinking.
  • Lolipiece on 2014-Apr-12 15:44:13 Lolipiece said

    They kept all the other bloody scenes, so why not this one?
  • some fangirl on 2014-Apr-12 20:40:12 some fangirl said

    Well, I suppose. I just thought that a closeup of the protagonist with a forehead covered in blood would've warranted some sort of action about it.
  • Zazzy on 2014-Jul-27 09:05:14 Zazzy said

    Truthfully, looking at Ruby's state in the second to last panel and how old they appear to be, I'm pretty sure that if I was there when it happened and I was their age, my reaction would be worse than Sapphire's.

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  • 2014-Jul-29 06:17:36 Pokemon1192
    Karma said: Wally - like a freaking boss.
  • 2014-Jul-29 06:04:52 18236893 m
    Karma said: Oh ma g-ash,
  • 2014-Jul-29 02:39:13 12-039
    lunerblade said: mantine is the king of aerial dogfighting. just imagine all those remoraids using ice beam would do on a flying or dragon type. that is like x28 damage.
  • 2014-Jul-29 02:35:09 12-038
    lunerblade said: imagine if two of the remoraid close to gold were flipped around and were capable of shooting hyper beam on command. they can do that.
  • 2014-Jul-29 02:20:24 Pokemon Special BW c23 CCI 2013-03 025.neuquant
    Curious guy said: (Spoilers)
    I read about black getting sucked into the white stone along side reshiram in the finale in a comment on this site 28-7-2014.
    May i know which page is it i lost track?
    And i double checked with serebii's summaries.
    WOW just wow this at least explains where would black and white be during B2W2.
    White would be searching for Black in the Light Stone for 2 years
    And the possiblity of black popping out like in Pokemon REburst(fused with reshiram)
    may not be far of as his body is fused the light stone which is reshiram's PHYSICAL ball form.
    I wonder if in B2W2 he would end up having reshiram inside him like the jinchuriki or in a twist be the other way round.

    This is all just a fan's speculation and fantasy.
    BTW i still want to know where is the page for the comment where someone posted this info.Pls?
  • 2014-Jul-28 21:56:56 18304377
    Random person said: Lol silver does look like a girl
  • 2014-Jul-28 21:56:54 18304377
    Random person said: Lol silver does look like a girl
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