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  • Beagle454 on 2011-Apr-15 20:19:39 Beagle454 said

  • Lolipiece on 2012-Jan-27 04:06:47 Lolipiece said

    On second thought...I take that back.
  • sapphire on 2012-Jun-02 00:13:53 sapphire said

  • Dreamingflower on 2013-Mar-05 17:50:43 Dreamingflower said

    One of the rare scenes where we get to see the main character being seriously injured, with blood and all.
  • Republic Empire on 2013-Apr-03 13:54:30 Republic Empire said

    That scene gives me an idea on my AU Halo-Pokemon crossover which Ruby and Sapphire as little kids were attacked by Zealot Sangheili which gave Ruby his scars before the events of Halo 1.
  • some fangirl on 2014-Apr-12 14:54:41 some fangirl said

    Honestly can't believe this scene was kept unedited in the vizkids release. I was sure they were going to edit it into the skiy but... nope, it's untouched. I'm glad, but I'll never understand their thinking.
  • Lolipiece on 2014-Apr-12 15:44:13 Lolipiece said

    They kept all the other bloody scenes, so why not this one?
  • some fangirl on 2014-Apr-12 20:40:12 some fangirl said

    Well, I suppose. I just thought that a closeup of the protagonist with a forehead covered in blood would've warranted some sort of action about it.
  • Zazzy on 2014-Jul-27 09:05:14 Zazzy said

    Truthfully, looking at Ruby's state in the second to last panel and how old they appear to be, I'm pretty sure that if I was there when it happened and I was their age, my reaction would be worse than Sapphire's.

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