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  • 2015-Mar-03 23:03:44 Pokemon Special v40 c441 212.neuquant
    Ethan said: Yeah, that's true. It definitely brought tears to my eyes this way... I hate these writers for being so good at their jobs... XD
  • 2015-Mar-03 22:45:07 103pg98
    VGBM said: I made that theory already!
  • 2015-Mar-03 22:22:38 103pg98
    Jet said: So, this is my theory. Maybe it was Sird who wished on Jirachi a 1000 years ago. If she wished for immortality, she would still be alive now. And when Archie says "and someone did the impossible task of opening the hatch...", Sird is immortal right?
  • 2015-Mar-03 21:36:06 Yellow Profile
    Lolipiece said: Let's not forget that Yellow's birthday is the same day as Pokespe's birthday.

    It turned 18 today
  • 2015-Mar-03 19:13:34 Pokemon Special v40 c441 212.neuquant
    D-Omen said: Well, it's only fitting that their first spectator would be the one they care about the most. They'll have plenty of time to make it big.
  • 2015-Mar-03 18:59:31 Yellow Profile
    Shad0wReaper1 said: Happy Birthday Yellow :)
  • 2015-Mar-03 17:38:38 Yellow Profile
    Luankachu said: Happy Birthday, Yellow.
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