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  • 2015-Jul-06 01:24:24 14-041
    some person you met on the internet said: I was expecting it to be a Haunter or something, but I guess Pryce makes sense, seeing as the stuff was made of ice..
  • 2015-Jul-06 00:31:37 Pokemon Special v38 c418 123.neuquant
    pwc13 said: @Macromind101
    Oh right, I forgot that the ORAS chapter takes place before the DPPt chapter. Well, I wonder when we'll see Sird again then.
  • 2015-Jul-06 00:21:59 Pokemon Special v38 c418 123.neuquant
    Macromind101 said: @pwc13: It's highly unlikely Sird will appear in the ORAS chapter and impossible that she will be killed off there, as DP takes place after ORAS and seeing as how Sird is alive and well in the events of Sinnoh and without a mention of her being present during the ORAS events...
  • 2015-Jul-06 00:10:56 049pg44
    CasualObserver said: @Saveg1:
    Not likely. This is the Trick Master, a friend of Wattson who helped Sapphire and Wallace enter Sootopolis City during the final battle of the RS chapter. It's possible Magician could be the Trick Master in disguise, but since the Trick Master here seems to only be in Johto because Emerald asked him to come but still lives in Hoenn, while Magician appears to live in Aspertia City.
  • 2015-Jul-05 22:54:04 Pokemon Special v38 c418 123.neuquant
    pwc13 said: @MeltingPenguins
    No, it didn't BUT, there is a possibility that she could for some reason come back in the ORAS chapter. That's only speculation though. ^.^
  • 2015-Jul-05 22:48:46 6228009
    pwc13 said: OhmigoodLordArceus!!! This is adorable! This cannot be unseen! Sadly there isn't a Team Aqua one...but there should be one though. ^.^
  • 2015-Jul-05 22:39:47 Pokemon Special v38 c418 123.neuquant
    MeltingPenguins said: Did it actually ever get explained to where Sird went off to after this page?
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