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  • 2015-Apr-25 13:37:19 17-054
    VGBM said: @InsertADouchebagHere: I officially don't like you.
  • 2015-Apr-25 13:37:05 Pokemon Special v52 c525 016
    The Violent Tomboy said: Gotta take responsibility for that one. I accidentally put down September instead of Feburary.
  • 2015-Apr-25 13:35:33 pokespe v26 page064
    ShinyPeridot10 said: Lol OK, that's really funny...... XD
  • 2015-Apr-25 12:49:02 page007
    InsertThatFaceThoughHere said: inb4SpecialShipping
  • 2015-Apr-25 11:39:55 17-054
    InsertALinkHere said: Guys, It's animated (No joke!!)

  • 2015-Apr-25 11:27:54 Pokemon Special v52 c525 016
    Mr. Smiley said: Hi CasualObserver.
    I'm Mr. Smiley and the General Coordinator of LS.

    You're right, we made a mistake and Leo was actually born in february.
    I think this happened because we were working with the occidental zodiac names instead of the names of the Pokémon that represent them (for instance, "Virgo" instead the "Gothorita sign") because we are more used to call the signs by their names instead of the animal that represent them. Finally, we decided to change them back to the "Pokémon name", and in this process we made the mistake, probably changing the translation of the month too. The original script specifically said that Leo was born in february, so I don't really know where the mistake took place.

    In fact, I am surprised that we made such a silly mistake like this, so we will try to double check the chapters before releasing them ;)
  • 2015-Apr-25 11:20:24 Pokemon Special v52 c525 014
    Rider said: If you wanna call it "sixth sense"