Pokemon Special v16 PA16 049-050


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  • 2014-Oct-20 05:31:15 PA2 Chapter Twenty Five10
    Eeveelutions said: Last panel= rape face
  • 2014-Oct-19 20:08:46 PA8 Chapter Ninety Eight07
    JES said: I have no idea. Totodile always messing up Jesse's hair wouldn't've gotten any older than Pikachu's Thunderbolts always blasting Team Rocket off.
  • 2014-Oct-19 19:18:00 PA8 Chapter Ninety Five19
    JES said: He should've at least taken a few of the others, and bolstered his numbers. Krabby and Sandshrew, and either Oddish and Drowzee or Exeggcute and Weedle. That would've filled out his roster. They would get stronger, and he could always send them back home as he caught more powerful Pokemon.

    And how could he not notice that his Poliwag was missing?!
  • 2014-Oct-19 15:56:52 Pokemon Special v40 c434 076.neuquant
    Anonymous said: some people didn't forget, kuro neko
    but darn shaymin is cute
  • 2014-Oct-19 06:50:15 page091
    Fennekin said: How to plainly say 'No' to a face like that~?
  • 2014-Oct-19 06:33:10 PA2 Chapter Nineteen14
    Eeveelutions said: There is a fan game call "pokemon super eevee edition" where the eevee can change into any of it evolutions and change back cause it has a more mucked up DNA. This could be that eevee. The Super Eevee!
  • 2014-Oct-19 01:00:15 PA1 Chapter Four-06
    ijustwannaposstmycomment said: I hate how everyone I know disses bulbasaur. So I'm really gald that they gave Red bulbasuar. :D just wanted to say that.