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  • 2015-Jul-01 23:31:59 Pokemon ReBURST v01 cover
    DaPokemonMadster said: @Jon Varghese
    There actually is. Mangapanda has it, but only like the first ten chapters. Still, it's something! Here's the link; http://www.mangapanda.com/pocket-monster-reburst/1
  • 2015-Jul-01 23:22:46 Pokemon ReBURST v01 cover
    Jon Varghese said: I really wish there was a free English version of réBURST online somewhere.
  • 2015-Jul-01 23:20:45 Pokedex
    Jon Varghese said: I like the new dex!
  • 2015-Jul-01 21:46:37 71-72
    something said: Is it just me or mewtwo is looking a little bit worried on the last picture could it be from the pressure abillity? I don't know for sure because that also mewtwo's abillity
  • 2015-Jul-01 21:39:41 63-64
    somthing said: @lunarblade absolutly its kind of reminds me the encounter with red on mt.silver in HG and SS where he, the champion is standing on a higher ground as kind of title saying that he is beyond the other trainers and we the challangers on the lower ground maybe they took that idea to the game from here
  • 2015-Jul-01 19:19:19 Pokemon Special XY v01 c001 0003
    Lolipiece said: Looks like starting on the 10th of July, the Daisuki Club will be publishing XY for free viewing.


    We don't know if it's new content or content that already existted, but here's hoping.
  • 2015-Jul-01 18:57:01 page046
    DaPokemonMadster said: @pwc13
    Not practically, she IS a wild child. That's why we all love her XD