Pokemon Special v16 PA16 047-048


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  • PoochFTW on 2013-Sep-03 17:14:56 PoochFTW said

    I love Sapphire's little fangs :3 <3

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  • 2014-Sep-21 18:04:52 Sapphire Profile
    GoldenCrystal said: You tell me... I haven't even read BW2 yet! XC
  • 2014-Sep-21 17:37:04 Sapphire Profile
    Bahmo said: I have to wonder if the game releases are starting to move too fast for the manga to keep up.
  • 2014-Sep-21 01:08:08 Sapphire Profile
    GoldenCrystal said: A month after the game's release. That's what usually happens...
  • 2014-Sep-21 01:06:40 Pokemon Adventures v23 c279 - 018
    VGBM said: Uhh, it isn't?
  • 2014-Sep-21 01:03:22 Pokemon Special v40 c431 004-006
    VGBM said: @Ilovethismanga: The funny part is that that's true whether you're a chosenshipper or an oldrivalshipper. I betcha they did that on purpose.
  • 2014-Sep-21 00:47:18 Pokemon Adventures v23 c279 - 018
    Ilovethismanga said: Am I the only one who thinks it's weird that Deoxys's speed form has higher def and sp def than it's defence form?
  • 2014-Sep-21 00:31:45 Pokemon Adventures v23 c279 - 006
    Ilovethismanga said: Granted?