Pokemon Special v16 PA16 047-048


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  • 2015-Apr-02 02:21:07 PA3 Chapter Thirty Nine16
    Name said: Boy, that's one tough Spearow!
  • 2015-Apr-02 02:16:56 PA3 Chapter Thirty Nine15
    Name said: Oh yeah!
  • 2015-Apr-02 02:14:11 PA3 Chapter Thirty Nine14
    Name said: Uh-oh....
  • 2015-Apr-02 02:08:31 PA3 Chapter Thirty Nine12
    Name said: "Stealing dosen't pay."

    So Green stole from this guy? Heh, she had this coming!

    Also, Does she not have any Electric or Rock type Pokemon with her right now?
  • 2015-Apr-02 01:57:24 PA3 Chapter Thirty Nine11
    Name said: She deserved that Fury Attack.
  • 2015-Apr-02 01:54:59 PA3 Chapter Thirty Nine10
    Name said: Whoa, Green is doing the mistake of underestimating her opponent! Someone gotta teach her a lesson for that.
  • 2015-Apr-02 01:45:40 PA3 Chapter Thirty Nine07
    Name said: So apparently Green's from Pallet Town too? But if she really is from Pallet Town, then why is Red so surprised to hear that? Gotta read further....