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  • 2015-Sep-01 13:39:29 Scan Pic0025
    Falneou17 said: Yay I did it! Oh well, like last time, this is the last one I can upload for now...

    Red: It's me who... wants to be together with you

  • 2015-Sep-01 13:36:53 Scan Pic0024
    Falneou17 said: Red: ... Hold on for another month!

    Red: No! Two weeks are enough! If I have that much time...
    Yellow: Red-san, what are you... No!

    Yellow: It's... It is nothing! Please don't care about that!
    Red: How can it be nothing?

    Red: You're crying!
    Red: Don't worry!
    Red: Don't say things and overdo yourself!

    Red: I don't want to see you like this!
    Yellow: ... What are you planning to do Red-san?
    Yellow: I don't want to interfere on you--
    Red: IT'S NOT THAT!!
  • 2015-Sep-01 13:23:36 Scan Pic0023
    Falneou17 said: Yellow: Aaaa
    Red (thoughts): I thought I was most afraid of you getting hurt in front of me...
    Yellow: Aaaaaa
    Red (thoughts): It's not that we won't meet up again, so I thought it was alright...
    Yellow: Waaaaaaa!!

    Red (thoughts): I never thought that wanting to meet, but not being able to, would be that painful...
  • 2015-Sep-01 13:20:51 Scan Pic0022
    Falneou17 said: Yellow: I... I'm sorry... it's... no... thing...
    Yellow: ... It's just... when I thought...

    Yellow: That I wante... see that landsc... together... too...

    Yellow: I... sor...
    Yellow: Aa...!
  • 2015-Sep-01 13:16:40 Scan Pic0021
    Falneou17 said: Red: I wanted
    Red: To show you too, Yellow

    Red: I was thinking of taking a picture and sending it to you
    Red: But I doubt that this much excitement could be send through a picture

    Red: *awkward chuckling* (I think...)

    Red: ... Yellow?
  • 2015-Sep-01 13:09:55 Scan Pic0020
    Falneou17 said: Top right panel: Red and Yellow tell each other what they've been doing since they last saw each other

    Red: And I almost fell off a cliff!
    Yellow: Red-san!

    Yellow: I told you not to force yourself right? Please be careful!
    Red: I knew you would say that!

    Red: But... it's a landscape so amazing that you really become distracted
  • 2015-Sep-01 13:06:57 Pokemon Special ORAS c04 015
    MeltingPenguisn said: Alternatively: Saph manages to get rid of the meteor, but oh no, that actually wasn't the disaster the prophecy was about (as with Juan's vision back in RS) and the Ruby and Zinnia have to battle primal kyogre and groudon because blaise is an idiot trying to control them. Or a mixture of both versions. In any case, I kind of worry that the ORAS arc will be the same as RS while pretending not to be.
    (I don't want to hear any 'but oras is a remake so it's just fair... because... no. We are not talking about remakes here, we are talking about lazy writing.)