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  • 2015-Apr-20 21:49:08 Pokemon Special ORAS c02 p006
    Bahmo said: @CasualObserver: Perhaps. I still say that doesn't justify him being as cold as he was in the Emerald arc, but based on the montage, he did come out of his shell again and start treating Sapphire better; if not as a girlfriend.

    @Greener & VGBM: Naive, am I? While I will admit to not being very familiar with the anime post-Kanto, I am familiar enough, and plenty familiar with the manga, to recognize the manga isn't as anchored in the perpetual ten-year-old, mostly-casual mode of the anime. To WHAT DEGREE it's free of that may be a point of contention, but credit it where it's due; characters age, many do, in fact, accomplish what they set out to do, and they depart in some semblance of triumph instead of endlessly chasing rainbows. Now with this, correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't know of any point in the anime as innuendo-ridden as Ruby's "wrestling" Zinnia. That's not something designed for the kids.

    So does that mean they'll take the relationship where we want it to go? Not necessarily, but I DO think it's in a position to do so.
  • 2015-Apr-20 21:17:41 035pg32
    InserSomePeeHere said: Oh he wants to pee in peace (lol sorry I forgot my glasses that's why)
  • 2015-Apr-20 21:04:50 Pokemon Special ORAS c02 p006
    VGBM said: @Greener: Are you sure you're not associating "genius" with "agrees with you"? Also, the fact that you go on 4chan is just further proof of your immaturity.
  • 2015-Apr-20 20:46:41 035pg32
    Jet said: Ok, you really have problems. Look at the panels closer to see what he says...
  • 2015-Apr-20 20:45:32 PA4 Chapter Forty One14
    Jet said: Um, Pikas skin always shows, doesn't it? Or does he wear clothes that I'm not aware of?
  • 2015-Apr-20 20:05:44 page093
    InsertThere'sGoogleInThePokemonWorld said: Theres google in the Pokemon world.
  • 2015-Apr-20 20:02:19 page093
    MeltingPenguins said: So they basically googled the symbol of the Top Secret evil team...
    Archie, Archie darling, you can’t run a secret organization if you have a Wikipedia entry.