Pokemon Special v16 PA16 047-048


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  • PoochFTW on 2013-Sep-03 21:14:56 PoochFTW said

    I love Sapphire's little fangs :3 <3

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  • 2014-Apr-19 16:39:54 Pokemon Special v10 p066
    049AT said: Nah. Though in GSC, shinies... suck. The IV spreads that made a Pokemon shiny were usually horrible.
  • 2014-Apr-19 15:04:08 apr2008page1
    Max said: @Manga Reader X,
    Two questions:
    1. When were the RAWs put on this site?
    2. Will it ever be translated?
  • 2014-Apr-19 12:57:44 Page 24
    Wingz said: @Max
    I think JB2448 is referring to the fact that the lighthouse says it, "...shines with the light of freedom," yet right under, it says, "Only authorized personnel may enter." The lighthouse represents freedom but not everyone is 'free' to enter.
  • 2014-Apr-19 12:51:09 Page 24
    Max said: @JB2448
    Call me stupid, but how is that message contradictory?
  • 2014-Apr-19 04:32:35 Pokemon Special v10 p066
    Pokéyas said: Well, until I read the shiny-article in Bulbapedia I thought that they were much rarer when they were introduced, since I never found any in GSC.
  • 2014-Apr-19 02:23:35 0 0003
    magnipisika16 said: And how is Green the Pokedexholder whose specialty is "Trainer" again?
  • 2014-Apr-18 16:16:40 0 0003
    lunerblade said: now imagine Blue with a mega stone. frightening isn't it.