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  • Fox on 2011-Nov-20 07:41:08 Fox said

    and mudkips gay-ification begins
  • f on 2012-Jul-18 12:33:33 f said

    Skitty's face in the 5th panel,, :P
  • Nonnie on 2013-Feb-04 23:02:23 Nonnie said

    Sashay! Someone has been watching RuPaul do his thing!
  • Ix on 2013-Feb-17 03:35:56 Ix said

    All these gay comments are really annoying to pore through while reading this arc. *newbie*

    But I can't resist reading comments. I'm at an impasse.
  • lily on 2013-Feb-17 04:00:13 lily said

    I agree

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  • 2014-Apr-23 23:47:32 pokemon special v43 076
    Noek said: @Bahmo

    Most of Yellow's victories is because of her brains using defensive like styles, and she didn't need to learn ever hear "not broke don't fix it" at the beginning she beat Oak's Spearow that he used in the league using this style she used brains more than her powers.
  • 2014-Apr-23 23:35:55 pokemon special v43 076
    Redsmydude said: @Bahmo

    You couldnt have said that any better then you did.

    I never really cared for yellow.
  • 2014-Apr-23 14:56:05 pokemon special v43 076
    Bahmo said: Yellow may have weaknesses; most in the form of being basically a whiny moron, but the plot basically arranges against them mattering. The fact that she's essentially an OC, named after a game that starred Ash Ketchum (who also got by more via luck and his Pokemon being the smart ones at the time) doesn't help me approve of her, but good things could have been done with the concept; however, in practice, her powers aren't used to make her more interesting, but to give her a free pass.

    A Mary Sue isn't always a character who's got few weaknesses, and a character gifted with powers isn't necessarily a Mary Sue. For example, Wolverine was gifted with regeneration abilities, and that's cool in a lot of ways, but as a result, he also got Shanghaied into a skunkworks experiment, pressed into loads of unsavory combat situations, and saddled with a life that was long, but so painful he sometimes wishes he could just die. Wolverine's gift is also a curse.

    Yellow's is basically an excuse. Her Pokemon are not very high level, which isn't really that hard to attain--just about every other protagonist did it to some extent--yet she can power them up to master levels. The same plot immunity pervades her whole arc one way or another. Several times, she gets out of a jam not via her own skills, but because her Ratata/Raticate acted smart on its own, and speaking of that, I wanted to reach in and smack her when the thing saved her and evolved, and she burst out crying at its new appearance. You think she might learn her lesson after that, as she does reconcile with the thing, but no; her stigma against evolving Pokemon is so unreasonable that she doesn't evolve her CATERPIE. Shit; even ASH evolved his Caterpie! That's just dumb. And how does it finally get to do what nature intended? Not because Yellow wised up and realized she needed to get out of her comfort zone to win the last battle, but because she happened to lose her Pokedex.

    Yellow never learns a thing; she ends the arc essentially being the same dumbass she was at the start, having come out on top solely because of the plot warping around her. Specifically, she's a "black hole Sue"; not necessarily the most blatant variety of Mary Sue, but one of the worst.
  • 2014-Apr-23 14:52:16 pokemon special v43 071
    Kurisu said: Probably. Or he saw a picture of her somewhere.
  • 2014-Apr-23 12:05:58 pokemon special v43 089
    Pirate king reappears said: Awww ;3
  • 2014-Apr-23 12:00:20 pokemon special v43 076
    Pokemonspecialgerman said: Yellow a Mary Sui? She has soo many weaknesses in the second arc o.o Why would you think that? Just because she can heal and read minds?
  • 2014-Apr-23 11:52:28 pokemon special v43 089
    Max said: @The Pirate King
    Nope, that's Whitney's Plain Badge.
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