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  • 2014-Dec-17 23:13:44 PM V05 039
    Gaby said: AND NEXT PAGE! (ya you get the idea)
  • 2014-Dec-17 23:12:30 PM V05 038
    Gaby said: And next page!
  • 2014-Dec-17 23:09:45 PM V05 037
    Gaby said: Lorelei likes to torture clefairy. (also next page)
  • 2014-Dec-17 04:56:19 Pokemon Special v41 c443 054.neuquant
    Chatot said: Gold's face is perfect.
  • 2014-Dec-15 23:41:09 page084
    Ilovethismanga said: Can I just say that I love Sapphire more than any other version of May? She's so badass!
  • 2014-Dec-15 22:20:46 Pokemon v22 - 079
    Danica said: One thing they did miss though was Ruby imitating Sapphire's Kyushu accent.
    In the raws he says 当然たい!このボクがととのえた毛並みやけんね‼ (Touzen tai! Kono boku ga totonoeta kenami yaken ne!!)
    Which would be something like 当然だよ!このボクがととのえた毛並みだからね‼ (Touzen da yo! Kono boku ga totonoeta kenami dakara ne!!) if he were to say it in the way he usually speaks.
  • 2014-Dec-15 18:19:29 Pokemon v22 - 079
    Danica said: @Takeda Shigenori
    It's not wrong, they just changed it. The original Japanese says 今、勇気をたずさえ・・・、はるかなる未来へ・・・‼
    Which is something like, "Now, take your courage to the far future". It doesn't really work as well in English.
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