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  • 2015-Mar-06 22:31:27 Pokemon DP vol05 p102
    VGBM said: I think someone else made that comment before they all disappeared.
  • 2015-Mar-06 19:43:16 Pokemon DP vol05 p102
    Bob said: Does anyone else notice that they said team rocket instead of team galactic?
  • 2015-Mar-06 19:29:52 Pokemon Special BW c10 017.neuquant
    Bob said: White, your too young for this stuff.
  • 2015-Mar-06 19:27:30 Pokemon Special BW c10 017.neuquant
    Ethan said: Oh... *ahem*... well then...
  • 2015-Mar-06 19:19:19 PA3 Chapter Thirty Nine06
    CarcharOdin said: Isn't that guy Yellow's uncle or something? Wasn't her uncle a fisherman?
  • 2015-Mar-06 19:18:58 Pokemon Special BW c10 003.neuquant
    Ethan said: Her belly button is so oddly low...
  • 2015-Mar-06 18:32:54 Pokemon Special ORAS c02 p019
    Bob said: He only took off his hat because his opponent has a Salemence. Salemence was the pokemon who gave him the scar.
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