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  • Fox on 2011-Nov-20 02:41:08 Fox said

    and mudkips gay-ification begins
  • f on 2012-Jul-18 08:33:33 f said

    Skitty's face in the 5th panel,, :P
  • Nonnie on 2013-Feb-04 18:02:23 Nonnie said

    Sashay! Someone has been watching RuPaul do his thing!
  • Ix on 2013-Feb-16 22:35:56 Ix said

    All these gay comments are really annoying to pore through while reading this arc. *newbie*

    But I can't resist reading comments. I'm at an impasse.
  • lily on 2013-Feb-16 23:00:13 lily said

    I agree

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  • 2014-Sep-02 18:38:19 069PG64
    GoldenCrystal said: Lol cool name... I wish I could name myself CGRSYSRG (Crystal, Gold, Ruby, Sapphire, Yellow, Silver, Red, Green) Lover... but I wouldn't be able to memorize a name like that XD ...
  • 2014-Sep-02 17:26:45 066pg61
    Dreamingflower said: Red makes everyone sweat drop. XD But that's one of the things we love about him.
  • 2014-Sep-02 17:14:23 102pg97
    GSCRGBRGBLELover said: Anyone else spot the bathing with a tentacool girl in the background of the third panel?
  • 2014-Sep-02 16:56:06 069PG64
    GSCRGBRGBLELover said: Okay this is my entire name:
    Gold Silver Crystal Red Green Blue Ruby Giovanni Blaine Lorielle (don't know how spell it) Emerald Lover

    I was one of those thousands of fan girls screaming! :)
  • 2014-Sep-02 16:47:16 066pg61
    GSCRGBRGB (NO DID NOT MESS UP) LELover said: I have decided my halloween costume is going to be Red! Even though i am a girl!

    Wow, first time someone made Gold faint!
  • 2014-Sep-02 02:36:07 22274978 p5
    JohnKarl90 said: Holy S**t!! He was going to rape her!!
  • 2014-Sep-01 23:49:51 058pg53
    GSCRGBLELover said: I wonder if Silver ended up with a head ache when he was freed from stone?
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