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  • 2015-Aug-29 18:03:56 page052
    YourAverage( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Bag said: Life lesson: If your a girl who is like 11 yr old and isolated in a island and someone greeted you with 'Bonjour, My guest', This guy may be a womanizer.
  • 2015-Aug-29 17:42:17 031pg28
    Random Person said: @ijustwannapostmycomment I can respect the whole being too young thing. Mainly because one of my church's standards is not to date till I'm 16.
  • 2015-Aug-29 17:22:34 030pg27
    Random Person said: I'm dying, the last frame!!!! Her face!
  • 2015-Aug-29 17:13:56 pokespe v26 page014
    Random Person said: That's actually really sad. Poor Silver.
  • 2015-Aug-28 22:38:28 page014
    Rider said: Steven's eyes seem a little larger than they should be, but that's his normal face really. He's just like "Hey, what's up?" after showing up with the entire E4, lol.
  • 2015-Aug-28 21:14:59 page014
    DaPokemonMadster said: @ Ash
    No he's not! He's friggin' epic!! That's his epic face!! (Well, he has multiple epic faces :P)
  • 2015-Aug-28 21:13:53 18-022
    DaPokemonMadster said: @Anon
    Oh! Thanks for telling me, I was so confused XD