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  • 2014-Dec-19 14:54:22 PA5 Chapter Fifty Nine11
    Green Lover said: haha... Green always have an extra benefits
  • 2014-Dec-19 03:31:16 PM V10 046
    BlackMegaCharizard said: I wonder if those two Pichu are really Pichu Brothers? Bulbapedia said that they're Pichu Brothers but I'm not really sure because "Pichu Big" does not have scruff of his head. If they're Pichu Brothers then it's great to see them appearing in a manga that is not a manga adaptation of the anime.
  • 2014-Dec-18 14:05:59 Pokemon Battle Stories c03 p01
    Manga Reader X said: Pokémon Manga Christmas Countdown entry #3: Pokémon Battle Stories chapter 3 magazine RAW.
  • 2014-Dec-17 23:13:44 PM V05 039
    Gaby said: AND NEXT PAGE! (ya you get the idea)
  • 2014-Dec-17 23:12:30 PM V05 038
    Gaby said: And next page!
  • 2014-Dec-17 23:09:45 PM V05 037
    Gaby said: Lorelei likes to torture clefairy. (also next page)
  • 2014-Dec-17 04:56:19 Pokemon Special v41 c443 054.neuquant
    Chatot said: Gold's face is perfect.