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  • Chamo on 2011-May-16 01:05:32 Chamo said

    Geez White, maybe Musha can clear your head for you if you can't think. xD;
  • Lolipiece on 2011-May-16 15:15:16 Lolipiece said

    That, or eat so much that she'll be left brainless. Also, what up with the Dusk Balls?
  • CreYosKip382 on 2011-May-16 17:02:31 CreYosKip382 said

    Black cant think cause of his dreams, now White have the same problem. this is such a feast for Musha XD
  • Dreamingflower on 2011-May-17 04:29:53 Dreamingflower said

    Good job Black now White is infected with thinking only about her dreams. Ahh well it doesn't matter how much I stare at that scene it stays funny.
    Musha looks very hungry i would be like that if I see a lot of my favorite food. Must be Musha's luck having a trainer to feed on and now Musha can feed on Blacks boss's dreams too.
  • Maxine on 2011-Dec-05 06:47:16 Maxine said

    White's Dream must be tasty then
  • Kokoro on 2011-Dec-05 11:00:34 Kokoro said

    Musha must be a glutton with all those sweet dreams. He can't help it if he wanted to.

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  • 2014-Aug-22 15:27:22 Page 14
    Bryon said: Gotta love how proud Sunbo is of herself when she knocked into Gligar, but then her freaking out as the egg hatches.
  • 2014-Aug-22 05:12:37 046pg43
    GoldenCrystal said: Yea XD It always creeps me out...
  • 2014-Aug-22 03:57:04 Page 03
    lunerblade said: sad that little kangaskhan didn't join the other baby pokemon outside.
  • 2014-Aug-22 03:49:56 Page 14
    lunerblade said: 1st panel: new definition for seed bombing.
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    crocodileman94 said: @GoldenCrystal Never thought of that, and I've read this arc at least 3 times.
  • 2014-Aug-22 01:32:51 046pg43
    GoldenCrystal said: 3rd and 4th panel: It always looks like Ruby is the one holding Sapphire's shoulder XD
  • 2014-Aug-21 16:01:36 PA8 Chapter One Hundred And One20
    some said: @VGBM Yeah, pretty sure that was at some time before 2013. I really can't say that there is anything wrong with those kind of comments...