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  • 2014-Oct-30 13:19:32 PA3 Chapter Twenty Eight09
    gamergoddessdin said: I don't care what the translation on hand says Green Oak is NOT a girl. Blue is one of few if not the only one to ever be shown to use the Victoria's Secret Compartment to store Pokeballs.

    The Steven/Daigo comparison is invalid because his name is thoroughly changed and he is not part of a group that the change caused him to trade names with another member of.

    The Pokemon Origins comparison is invalid because Pokemon Origins didn't come out until after the BW arc had started. This means Origins is the one that screwed up the starters, not PokeSpe.

    Red for male and Green for female fails to hold up because in RSE Emerald is a boy as is Ruby while Sapphire is a girl. If anything that means it's Red for male, Blue for female.

    Final result: The ORIGINAL name is ALWAYS correct. Even if "official" translations try to change it.

    By the way unless JB changed the volumes that were on here for a different translation since I read through on this site the translations all use their real names and not the "official" translation c*** swap.
  • 2014-Oct-30 12:34:03 PA4 Chapter Forty Three12
    sugoineko said: Oh, okay, thanks!
  • 2014-Oct-30 09:55:58 PA4 Chapter Forty Three12
    Florocita said: It's a translation error. The original line was 'Pika's weak in water.'
  • 2014-Oct-30 09:54:40 PA4 Chapter Forty Four14
    sugoineko said: ONLY PIKA CAME BACK ALIVE?!
  • 2014-Oct-30 09:47:54 PA4 Chapter Forty Three12
    sugoineko said: Isn't Pika supposed to be strong against water types?
  • 2014-Oct-30 09:32:46 PA4 Chapter Forty One09
    sugoineko said: Red is the simplest name ever
    How could you mix that up with something like "Scarlet"?
  • 2014-Oct-30 09:12:19 PA3 Chapter Twenty Eight09
    sugoineko said: She is Green in this translation, so on here, I'll call her green.
    In other translations, she is Blue.
    They're both right though, but I'll call her green here, cause that's what her name was translated as.