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  • 2015-Jan-31 04:11:05 09
    mjangelvortex said: Pikachu's nickname is a Star Trek reference.
  • 2015-Jan-30 22:49:45 ruby hb10
    Greener said: What do you mean?
  • 2015-Jan-30 22:38:57 ruby hb10
    VGBM said: Did someone delete comments but leave "Greener"'s intact? Why???
  • 2015-Jan-30 18:11:44 ruby hb10
    Greener said: How brave of you to hide behind a pseudonym while attacking my character, Zack.

    For the record, I go into caps when I'm infuriated by stupidity. These people use caps because they're needy children with no social ettiquette.

    And when have I ever whined without a good reason for it?
  • 2015-Jan-30 13:08:33 Pokemon Adventures v11 - 052
    Danica said: She's probably a 30-something.
  • 2015-Jan-30 12:42:28 Pokemon Adventures v11 - 052
    VGBM said: @"Greener": Um…

    Also, maybe she just looks young because of the way she's dressed (she probably wears makeup too).
  • 2015-Jan-30 11:34:37 09
    Mayanaho said: Jean-luc pikachu ... What ?