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  • Chamo on 2011-May-16 01:05:32 Chamo said

    Geez White, maybe Musha can clear your head for you if you can't think. xD;
  • Lolipiece on 2011-May-16 15:15:16 Lolipiece said

    That, or eat so much that she'll be left brainless. Also, what up with the Dusk Balls?
  • CreYosKip382 on 2011-May-16 17:02:31 CreYosKip382 said

    Black cant think cause of his dreams, now White have the same problem. this is such a feast for Musha XD
  • Dreamingflower on 2011-May-17 04:29:53 Dreamingflower said

    Good job Black now White is infected with thinking only about her dreams. Ahh well it doesn't matter how much I stare at that scene it stays funny.
    Musha looks very hungry i would be like that if I see a lot of my favorite food. Must be Musha's luck having a trainer to feed on and now Musha can feed on Blacks boss's dreams too.
  • Maxine on 2011-Dec-05 06:47:16 Maxine said

    White's Dream must be tasty then
  • Kokoro on 2011-Dec-05 11:00:34 Kokoro said

    Musha must be a glutton with all those sweet dreams. He can't help it if he wanted to.

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  • 2014-Oct-01 21:41:45 Pokemon Special BW c21 CCI 2013-01 013.neuquant
    Bryon said: Tula has such a cute expression when Black got back up... XD So cute!
  • 2014-Oct-01 19:31:49 064pg61
    ijustwannapostmycomment said: wait, didn't Ruby touch both orbs? So how come Spenser isn't shoving a his cane in Ruby face? I'm confused....
  • 2014-Oct-01 19:27:43 057pg54
    ijustwannapostmycomment said: Emerald just doesn't know how to deal with the feels, poor thing! ^-^
  • 2014-Oct-01 19:23:06 056pg53
    ijustwannapostmycomment said: See, even Emerald knows that Ruby and Sapphire have a thing going... heh heh... ;)
  • 2014-Oct-01 19:18:11 092
    ijustwannapostmycomment said: Ruby fashionably late!
  • 2014-Oct-01 19:13:54 009
    ijustwannapostmycomment said: @Draco I think sapphire thought he was lying because of how well he battled, since Ruby dislikes battles sapphire has only seen him in contests. And Ruby doesn't like to battle cause of his past. So really it was just a misunderstanding.
  • 2014-Oct-01 19:05:08 pokespe v26 page036
    ijustwannapostmycomment said: is it just me or is Emerald's hair really tall in the beginning and then gets shorter as the story goes on.