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  • 2015-Jan-26 03:32:25 Pokemon Special PSs2 083
    VGBM said: This is the whole thing.
  • 2015-Jan-25 23:46:17 PA8 Chapter One Hundred And Three10
    Ethan said: Crap, meant types.
  • 2015-Jan-25 23:45:26 PA8 Chapter One Hundred And Three10
    Ethan said: Delibird and Houndour's Species names are reversed....
  • 2015-Jan-25 21:14:05 Pokemon Special PSs2 083
    Appraise said: Are there more parts to this Mt Silver Training Chapter or is this the whole thing?
  • 2015-Jan-24 08:16:04 ch6p188
    Drake said: I find the additional detail of this page in regards to the original story both more explicit and more touching, as well as giving an even better morale in conclusion. The vagueness I found in the game served nicely, but I find this befits it even better.
  • 2015-Jan-23 21:53:49 Pokemon Special XY v01 c003 0013
    D-Omen said: Uh, that's one way to sorta dance around the issue that people died in the attack, huh.
  • 2015-Jan-23 21:48:52 Pokemon Special XY v01 c002 0025
    D-Omen said: Gotta give props to the author, more than 50 volumes in and he can still make new and interesting characters and situations. This chapter started with the legendary Pokémon, the evil team and the freaking hometown being destroyed, not to mention X is a hikikomori and his friends already have experience and are moving towards their goals instead of just starting out. Really commendable.