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  • Kronus on 2011-Feb-21 09:09:57 Kronus said

    Does not compute. Oh silly Black.
  • Takamiya on 2011-Feb-24 14:15:38 Takamiya said

    That Face XD~~~~ Oh boy, I wonder how White will learn how to battle to be a Pokedex Holder ^^

    Bubu looks cute because she's still a pokabu but I will be very awkawrd and weirded out(that's even a word?) when it turns to "Gannonpork"(yeah, I'm using this name because I really don't remember the real one XD)

    "Does not compute..."*Headshot*
  • Filipe19991 on 2011-Mar-21 19:28:50 Filipe19991 said

    White says her dream is to bring up the best pokemon talent. I wonder she goes to pokemon musical and her tepig is rented. Does she really hasany pokemon ?
  • Utakata on 2011-Mar-21 20:16:21 Utakata said

    Hmmm... I wonder if White will be a talent bringer in her descrition (Like how Blue(female) is a evolver and Green is a trainer(male))
  • filipe19991 on 2011-Mar-21 20:34:52 filipe19991 said

    @Utakata@ i think she looks alike green, they have trick the male hero. She start her journey without metting the professor and get a pokedex. She use cute pokemon. but she will get goal in the end. and about the others pokedex holders , i know something that is funny.Platinum won the three goals of Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald. Well she's not won all the contests but the same and funny. I think the Platinum is a heroine of the saga, in other sagas was male heroes were the only red, gold and ruby.
  • Lolipiece on 2011-Mar-22 12:12:38 Lolipiece said

    Considering we haven't had any of those since GSC, no.
  • pika09 on 2011-Sep-25 07:07:39 pika09 said

    @ filipe19991 In a technical way (as mentioned in TVTropes), it's really Dia who's the hero of the DP arc, while Platinum's just the focus character. She's the heroine of her own arc, however.
  • pika09 on 2011-Sep-25 07:09:47 pika09 said

    I personally find Black's DERP face funnier than the Does Not Compute face.

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  • 2014-Oct-01 08:22:02 page089
    Ilovethismanga said: I love Ruby's "HOUHH SHHIIEHHT" face. Perfect.
  • 2014-Oct-01 07:47:39 pg048
    Ilovethismanga said: Actually scrap that, I still LOVE him. He's still great.
  • 2014-Oct-01 07:46:00 pg048
    Ilovethismanga said: I'm not saying he's bad, I just didn't think he got the best writing treatment. And no matter how much teasing you get, I still hate people who turn on things that cared for them. I guess I never really understood teasing, I was home educated, my family was awesome, so when I went to new places, teasing never bothered me. I also thought it was wired that they just pulled a third character out of thin air. I always liked Wally, but I understand that it would be cruel to put him in the middle of so much excitement.
    And the fact that he came after the RS ark, which is my favourite ark with my favourite protagonists, and after the FR and LG ark, which was nostalgia central, just made his ark come a little short for me.
    Also I hated the battle frontier in the games and never wanted anything to do with it.

    He certanly had his moments though and he is totally loveable, so I get why he's loved by many.

    Jeez that was a long rant. Long story short, I could not relate, nor look up to him, but I still like him as a character and so should you
  • 2014-Oct-01 07:33:35 011
    Ilovethismanga said: You go, Sapphire. I love the burning hatred and feeling of betrayal that this part gives off. I think the Ruby and Sapphire ark is my favourite, it's just so well written! I can't wait till the omega sapphire and alpha ruby ark comes out! And Sapphire better remind him of the things he forgot!
  • 2014-Oct-01 03:11:23 13-035
    GSCRGBRGBLEDLover said: @Pokefan
    So true! Same goes for not strong team members. We where facing Koga and one of my weakest pokemon ended up doing a one-hit k.o! ;) She made me very proud!
  • 2014-Oct-01 02:59:13 13-017
    GSCRGBRGBLEDYLover said: The reappearance of the amzing ice flying type, Airidos! :D
  • 2014-Oct-01 02:04:08 pg048
    ijustwannapostmycomment said: Really? Because Emerald is one of my favorites, but I respect your opinion. I like emerald cause he's so unique along with the gen 3 Dexholders.