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  • 2014-Jul-21 18:10:14 Gold Profile
    Iceman said: Happy birthday Senior Gold! :D
  • 2014-Jul-21 18:08:05 Gold Profile
    Fuyu said: GAH!! I almost forgot this! Happy birthday ya gamblin' flirt!
  • 2014-Jul-21 16:59:16 Gold Profile
    Luankachu said: Happy Birthday, Gold.
  • 2014-Jul-21 16:34:09 Gold Profile
    Zazzy said: Happy birthday, Gold! Hope you...hatch a lot of eggs, and stuff!
  • 2014-Jul-21 16:12:30 Gold Profile
    piplupm said: Happy birthday Gold! You pervert you!
  • 2014-Jul-21 08:58:18 Gold Profile
    I love manga said: Happy Birthday Gold!!
    I hope your mom made you that hamburger you like so much. =D
    Congrats!! (We miss you!!)
  • 2014-Jul-21 08:57:25 Gold Profile
    Em said: Happy Birthday Gold!! Hehhe :D