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  • 2015-Aug-02 07:48:25 Pokemon Special ORAS c06 p14
    Rider said: I just hope Wally gets a better role this time around instead of that one moment when he helps wake Rayquaza.
  • 2015-Aug-02 06:25:32 Pokemon Special ORAS c06 p14
    Lol XD says said: Yes the writers of the manga finally heard our calls for Wally to come back can't wait for the next volume XD thx lolipiece
  • 2015-Aug-02 06:00:19 Pokemon Special ORAS c06 p14
    Lolipiece said:

    Preview for volume 2.

    Oh, it looks like Wally might very well be showing up soon. (And Courtney?)
  • 2015-Aug-02 05:38:48 18-053
    MeltingPenguins said: @VGBM: Yes, I read your message and I repeated what you claimed with different words: Gamefreak are the copyright holders. They DO have a say in what he can and can't write. As ridiculous as some stuff in the manga might be, as shoddily written, it is all been given Gamefreak's OK. This is not the same kind of adaptation we see from Hollywood, where they buy the rights to something and then eff it over (Harry Potter, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Percy Jackson, A:TLA etc)
  • 2015-Aug-02 04:26:05 Pokemon Special v33 c370 114.neuquant
    Lolipiece said: N did not use Zekrom.
  • 2015-Aug-02 04:24:15 Pokemon Adventures v32 c360 - 060
    Lolipiece said: Hey, pinching hurts.

    It's a truly evil act.
  • 2015-Aug-02 03:03:04 18-053
    VGBM said: @MeltingPenguins: I said they have no "say," meaning they can't tell Kusaka what he's allowed to write. Did you even read my message?