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  • 2015-Jul-07 15:55:05 Pokemon Special v52 cover
    light said: SCREW IT.
  • 2015-Jul-07 15:30:20 Pokemon Special ORAS c05 25
    lightshade said: I DID NOT WANT TO SEE THAT
  • 2015-Jul-07 15:05:38 Pokemon Special ORAS c05 18
    lightshade said: *emerald hair* maybe its Maybelline
  • 2015-Jul-07 14:53:24 Pokemon Special ORAS c06 p01
    lightshade said: Yeeeeee emerald
  • 2015-Jul-07 14:36:43 Pokemon Special ORAS c06 p25
    pwc13 said: @Rider
    I actually like Salamence better than Flygon. Probably because I never got to use one until recently and I happened to like it better. Plus, Zinnia has one! That made me happy! Still, I want a Mega Flygon. If Altaria and Salamence got megas then Flygon hopefully will get one soon as well. ^.^
  • 2015-Jul-07 14:34:33 page095
    pwc13 said: I don't really see how Courtney/Marge resembles Zinnia either...XD
  • 2015-Jul-07 13:31:10 Shinjeki no special
    DaPokemonMadster said: I keep watching this video, it's just so cool! And it makes me think just how badly we need an anime..