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  • 2014-Apr-23 12:05:58 pokemon special v43 089
    Pirate king reappears said: Awww ;3
  • 2014-Apr-23 12:00:20 pokemon special v43 076
    Pokemonspecialgerman said: Yellow a Mary Sui? She has soo many weaknesses in the second arc o.o Why would you think that? Just because she can heal and read minds?
  • 2014-Apr-23 11:52:28 pokemon special v43 089
    Max said: @The Pirate King
    Nope, that's Whitney's Plain Badge.
  • 2014-Apr-23 11:50:44 20994671 p11
    captain said: ALL ABOARD THE NEW SHIP ( X w X )/
  • 2014-Apr-23 11:38:35 pokemon special v43 091
    sliver the otaku said: I wish they'll stop adding more characters and just use and build up on the existing characters....( TT n TT )
  • 2014-Apr-23 11:35:39 pokemon special v43 089
    The Pirate King said: O.0 in the first panel is that Pokemon throwing a condom?
    And the third panel that guy is like " NOTICE ME SEMPAII , FEEL MY LOVE SEMPAII "
  • 2014-Apr-23 11:24:13 pokemon special v43 071
    ......does this mean that the Prezel ( Pretel or whatever ) met yellow?