Pocket Monsters SPECIAL Volume 41

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  • 2015-Feb-01 01:18:11 PA1 Authors Words
    Lolipiece said: ^I know! Wanna be friends zack?
  • 2015-Feb-01 01:01:04 PA1 Authors Words
    zack said: lol you are really dumb lolipece XDDDDDDDD
  • 2015-Feb-01 00:57:54 ruby hb9
    Greener said: How many Dittos are on this site? What, did ILTM steal my username to fake an apology?
  • 2015-Feb-01 00:15:27 ruby hb9
    Greener said: @Ilovethismanga: Please ignore my previous post. I said it because I am an unforgivable loser with no friends and I just insult others to make myself feel better. And I really do have no right to talk about autism. I am not involved in the autism community whatsoever because I am perfectly normal. I need to stop lying to people that I am autistic because there are people out there who are actually autistic and I am offending others by pretending that I am autistic and utilizing an actual disorder to make an excuse for my attention-whoring behavior.
  • 2015-Feb-01 00:11:05 ruby hb10
    Greener said: I know. I'm sorry.
  • 2015-Feb-01 00:09:00 PA1 Authors Words
    Lolipiece said: I want my account back! Greener is being mean to me! I know everything about Pokemon Special and I want an account to prove it! I want friends! No one likes me! Please please please!!!!!!
  • 2015-Jan-31 23:59:44 ruby hb10
    VGBM said: @"Greener": You're literally the only one who's been yelling at anyone.