Pocket Monsters SPECIAL Volume 41

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  • 2015-Jul-03 21:29:55 099pg94
    pwc13 said: Déjà vu. Am I right or am I right? ^.^
  • 2015-Jul-03 21:21:27 107pg102
    Lolipiece said: Nothing has been stated about the battle between Red and Emerald.

    And nice person? That's not being a nice person.

    That's looking down on Emerald

    Emerald worked hard to get all the other Symbols. By going easy on him, especially after that final battle they had, is an insult. If you want to win, you need to go all out.

    And can we stop acting like Red is some unbeatable god just because he's the Champion? He's strong, not invincible.
  • 2015-Jul-03 20:48:53 107pg102
    something said: Yea its kind of obvious that Red lost on purpose he could win that without a doubt since he ia very skilled and experienced in battles and we expect from him to win since he is the only champion among them but he didn't want to be such a meam guy who thinks only about himself and ruin everything to emerald because im pretty sure he heard about his bet a few pages back when he came up with the idea of the dex holders tournament so we can be sure that Red was holding back and let to emerald win that why Red is also a nice person
  • 2015-Jul-03 20:39:00 105pg100
    something said: And that how pokemon snap started like other games which mentioned in the othet arcs
  • 2015-Jul-03 20:06:55 019pg14
    Lolipiece said: We saw them being moved to the BF in volume 27.
  • 2015-Jul-03 19:36:48 062pg57
    something said: Yea freedom! At last!
  • 2015-Jul-03 18:19:12 019pg14
    something said: @MeltingPenguin:ok thanks for helping