Pocket Monsters SPECIAL Volume 41

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  • 2014-Jul-27 16:16:10 HGSS0901
    Shad0wReaper1 said: Lol at the second panel Gold you freacking pervert XD
  • 2014-Jul-27 09:05:14 page033
    Zazzy said: Truthfully, looking at Ruby's state in the second to last panel and how old they appear to be, I'm pretty sure that if I was there when it happened and I was their age, my reaction would be worse than Sapphire's.
  • 2014-Jul-27 00:01:48 Pokemon Special v42 c451 072.neuquant
    GoldenCrystal said: Haha... 5th panel... if you look a little closer Gold looks hilarious XD
  • 2014-Jul-26 07:19:34 16
    pokefan233 said: what with the onix its creepy me out
  • 2014-Jul-26 07:01:57 elesa&emolga
    Manga Reader X said: Reminds me of Kim Possible and Rufus.

  • 2014-Jul-26 02:22:37 elesa&emolga
    AJ said: It reminds me of a Ultimate Spider-man comic book cover!
  • 2014-Jul-24 08:58:36 17-040
    Dreamingflower said: idk I'm going to ask the room I'm in now, because that's hot too.

    Anyway joking aside, Norman is one of the most manliest characters in pokeSpecial.