Pocket Monsters SPECIAL Volume 41

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  • 2015-Apr-02 03:11:37 PA3 Chapter Thirty Nine20
    lunerblade said: she "and another" has spent their childhood stealing and has thus integrated that lifestyle into their every day lives.
  • 2015-Apr-02 03:09:22 PA3 Chapter Thirty Nine17
    lunerblade said: it was more then a fearow. trust me.
  • 2015-Apr-02 03:02:58 PA3 Chapter Thirty Nine20
    Name said: Well... Green still haven't explained why she stole the Squirtle instead of simply asking Prof. Oak....
  • 2015-Apr-02 02:51:45 PA3 Chapter Thirty Nine19
    Name said: If Green wanted to become a Pokemon Trainer like Red and Blue, then why didn't she just ask Prof. Oak for a starter Pokemon and a Pokedex? She didn't have to steal the Squirtle from the lab...
  • 2015-Apr-02 02:42:48 PA3 Chapter Thirty Nine18
    Name said: Aaaaand Green's out of the League!
  • 2015-Apr-02 02:35:46 PA3 Chapter Thirty Nine17
    Name said: Green's opponent is PROF. OAK?!! Okay, that was pretty unexpected.

    And what's this? Green is afraid of Bird Pokemon because she was kidnapped by a Fearow when she was little? Why would the Fearow do that?
  • 2015-Apr-02 02:21:07 PA3 Chapter Thirty Nine16
    Name said: Boy, that's one tough Spearow!