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  • 2014-Nov-26 23:49:58 PMD Ginji Rescue Team c02 p02
    Gaby said: Don't judge people by their size.
  • 2014-Nov-26 21:37:21 006
    Gaby said: I went with Red Version, Vileplume is only in red, while victreebel and sandslash are only in blue.
  • 2014-Nov-26 21:35:05 006
    Gaby said: My Pokémon team is Charizard, Nidoking, Vileplume, Jolteon, Dodrio and Lapras!
  • 2014-Nov-26 18:56:03 Pokemon Special v16 PA16 061-062
    JES said: I betcha that the way to actually get a Milotic will be the last way that Ruby will have expected.

    Given how damned difficult that Feebas are to find (I never even managed to get one until they were made obtainable in the Dream World), the goal of getting a Milotic is easier said than done.

    Wonder Trade now has yielded me even more Feebases than I know what do with.
  • 2014-Nov-26 17:33:45 Pokemon Special v16 PA16 057-058
    JES said: Am I the only one who finds it ironic that Sapphire is almost completely the opposite of May, who would care more about looks and stuff like that (basically the same as Ruby).

    Ruby on the other unique...
  • 2014-Nov-26 16:56:40 PA1 Bonus Sketch
    Manga Reader X said: Nice. Just remember to try other Pokémon manga as well.
  • 2014-Nov-26 10:22:02 PA1 Bonus Sketch
    Gaby said: I'm starting on Pokémon Adventures