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  • jsplatinum on 2011-Mar-19 14:19:50 jsplatinum said

    this sence always depresses me......

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  • 2014-Aug-21 06:00:19 Pokemon Special v21-22 cover combined
    pika09 said: Now that HGSS is over and done with in less than 3 volumes, I doubt we'll ever see a Johto trio connectible cover now... *sigh*
  • 2014-Aug-21 03:47:25 PA8 Chapter One Hundred And One20
    Manga Reader X said: @VGBM: That is the real Greener.
  • 2014-Aug-21 03:13:09 PA8 Chapter One Hundred And One20
    DaPandaBear said: To be honest, I actually prefer the ditto over Greener. At least the ditto knows what the people's positions on this site are (he kind of tends to target the hated users on this site). Greener either has no idea or neglects the fact that he's the most hated user on this site and as a result, has the nerve to give others lectures on how to "behave" on the Internet.
  • 2014-Aug-21 02:09:14 PA8 Chapter One Hundred And One20
    VGBM said: Actually, I'm pretty sure that's the ditto. I don't know if the real Greener even goes on this site anymore. It's just sad.
  • 2014-Aug-21 00:41:25 Pokemon Special v43 089
    Dragon_AR said: Good to see that Bruno has some love
  • 2014-Aug-20 23:36:51 PA8 Chapter One Hundred And One20
    DaPandaBear said: Guys, just ignore Greener. He is nothing more than an incurable attention-whore who thinks that the only way to get people to like him is to make it seem as if though there are others who are worse than him (which there isn't). I have to admit that I can do nothing other than roll on the floor and laugh at the fact that Greener thinks that he's in any position to give anyone a lecture. If we all just ignore him and let him scream into his own bubble like everyone else, then maybe (and hopefully) he'll go away.
  • 2014-Aug-20 22:03:03 PA8 Chapter One Hundred And One20
    Greener said: Because it's unnecessary. The person is not going to respond to you. Just keep your thoughts to yourself.

    Fucking Pokefags...