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  • ruby on 2015-Jun-16 02:11:36 ruby said

    Mmm raspberry jelly

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  • 2015-Jul-28 03:12:05 Pokemon Adventures v32 c356 - 005
    ijustwannapostmycomment said: I always just bought my coins from the lady at the counter after beating up trainers using the amulet coin. The slots just made me tried and mad :P
  • 2015-Jul-28 01:01:43 pokespe v26 page042
    RandomPeridot said: The last 2 panels on the left side is me when I'm playing a game and get called to do something. Afterwards I do something else and forget about the game until I or someone else mention it.(ironically one time I forgot I was battling Spenser in emerald version XD)
  • 2015-Jul-28 00:41:18 page097
    RandomPeridot said: @PsyKeeRan:XD
  • 2015-Jul-27 22:58:32 Pokemon Special v52 c525 011
    Shaymin1324 said: Lol Cheren has a book!!! Run!
  • 2015-Jul-27 21:29:30 Pokemon Special v40 c433 058.neuquant
    SomePCGamer said: Nahh, More like
    Giratina: Suprise, Motherfucka! (From, Dexter)
  • 2015-Jul-27 21:13:27 Pokemon Special v38 c415 053.neuquant
    Rider said: I think he was "perfect" (devoid of emotion), so he wouldn't be sucked by the hole, in theory.
  • 2015-Jul-27 19:23:09 Pokemon Special v38 c415 053.neuquant
    lolo said: how 2 make a new perfect universe: kill everyone including yourself in a black hole,,,,,,, CYRUS YOU'RE A GENIUS!!!