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  • 2014-Nov-23 11:52:12 POCKET MONSTERS V03 - 000a
    Gaby said: More fun clefairy adventures! :D
  • 2014-Nov-23 10:42:11 Pokemon Special v42 c449 024.neuquant
    Xadhoom said: I love how he actually attacked with a Kakuna.
  • 2014-Nov-23 04:18:10 Pokemon Special v42 c450 050.neuquant
    lunerblade said: considering that this is the "creator of all things" a level ball seems appropriate.
  • 2014-Nov-23 02:00:54 Pokemon Special v42 c450 050.neuquant
    Ilovethismanga said: A level ball? On something that is found at level 80? Quick balls exist, you know.
  • 2014-Nov-23 01:42:10 Pokemon Special v42 c449 027.neuquant
    Ilovethismanga said: I just realised that the Kanto team are all 20 now. And Yellows 18! It's gonna be hard to conceal her gender now.
  • 2014-Nov-23 01:38:18 Pokemon Special v42 c449 024.neuquant
    Ilovethismanga said: I love Silver's "I'm tired of your shit" face in the second panel.
  • 2014-Nov-22 17:02:04 Green (male) Profile
    SapphireRose said: Happy Birthday Green!~ You will always be the coolest rival and Gym Leader. Stay awesome XD