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  • 2015-Jul-02 18:57:35 Pokemon ReBURST v01 cover
    Greener said: Yes I do, aren't you the one who spammed this website the last week with your unwelcome presence talking smack about me and every single content of the series that you didn't happen to like? Me, for instance, I am actually justified in my arguments - I actually provide evidence for the flawed parts of the manga. If only you, the dittos and the other idiots didn't undermine my arguments because of "how I act", I would be able to convey my points successfully and shut everyone up. So next time before you berate others with your groundless claims, how about doing some research and present some arguments that are actually correct?
  • 2015-Jul-02 18:47:18 Pokemon ReBURST v01 cover
    MeltingPenguins said: *states It's a matter of YMMV*
    *Gets accused of trying to fight against all kind of negativity*
    *Is at the same time the one who is not too found of Pokespe because of its plotholes, deus ex machinas and 'actions for the plot's sake'*
    Excuse you, but do you really think I'd be the first one to speak up against not liking something?
  • 2015-Jul-02 18:24:33 Pokemon ReBURST v01 cover
    Greener said: Here's an idea: Instead of blindly fighting against any negativity, why don't you actually look into VGBM's claims? Read the manga, find the review he's referencing, anything beyond "STOP BEING A MEANIEPOO"? Ugh.

    It really upsets me how some communities go to extreme lengths to beat down any sign of negativity. For example, the Dittos. Instead of calling me "AN EVIL HATER WHO RUINS FUN", how about you just, I don't know, IGNORE me?
  • 2015-Jul-02 18:07:36 Pokemon ReBURST v01 cover
    MeltingPenguins said: I think it's a matter of YMMV. We are talking pokemon franchise, so naturally a reviewer expects the stuff you have in pokespe (catching pokemon, solving conflict with pokemon battles etc), there's already a bit of bias in that. One could very well argue that Pokespe is nothing but 'the choosen ones with their superspecial skills go out to save the world and do so through the power of friendship'.
  • 2015-Jul-02 17:41:22 Pokemon ReBURST v01 cover
    meep said: JWitzz did a review of this manga recently...and ReBURST sounds seriously disappointing.
  • 2015-Jul-02 17:39:59 Pokemon ReBURST v01 cover
    VGBM said: Maybe, but I doubt that's all. I mean look at all the popular webcomics out there that are about pokémon but nothing like the games or anime.

    According to a rather in-depth review of this, the plot is basically the same as every Shonen manga, and there's nothing to hold your attention for more than, apparently, ten chapters. Actually, from reading those ten chapters, I can kinda see what he means.
  • 2015-Jul-02 17:26:41 Ruby Profile
    pwc13 said: Happy birthday to who? To Ruby of course! Yay! ^.^