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  • 2015-Aug-30 07:21:13 Scan Pic0025
    Falneou17 said: So many people are going to kill me for this, but this is the last page I can post the translations for for now... Sorry

    Red: It's me who... wants to be together with you!

  • 2015-Aug-30 07:17:17 Scan Pic0024
    Falneou17 said: Next two are my favorite!

    Red: ... Hold on for another month

    Red: No! Two weeks are enough! If I have that much time...
    Yellow: Red-san, what are you... No!

    Yellow: It is... It's nothing, please don't care about that!
    Red: How can it be nothing?

    Red: You're crying!
    Red: Don't worry
    Red: Don't say things and overdoing yourself!

    Red: I don't want you to be like this!
    Yellow: ... What are you planning to do?!
    Yellow: I don't want to interfere on your--
    Red: IT'S NOT THAT!
  • 2015-Aug-30 07:12:31 Scan Pic0023
    Falneou17 said: Oh wait, never mind xD it was just last page that was difficult to write

    Yellow: Aaaa
    Red (thoughts): I thought I was most afraid of you getting hurt in front of me
    Yellow: Aaaa
    Red (thoughts): It's not that we won't meet up again, so I thought it was alright
    Yellow: Waaaaaa!!!

    Red (thoughts): I never thought that wanting to meet, but not being able to, would be that painful!
  • 2015-Aug-30 07:08:49 Scan Pic0022
    Falneou17 said: Heads up: the next two pages are difficult to write the translation of

    Yellow: I... I'm sorry... it's... no... thing...
    Yellow: ... It's just... when I thought...

    Yellow: That I wante... see that landsc... together too...

    Yellow: I... sor...
    Yellow: Aa...!
  • 2015-Aug-30 06:45:12 page014
    Kat said: @Lucas: What's this? I never really understood why Steven has flat looking eyes in pokespe, it would have been neat if he'd had a problem with his eyesight too.

    And I hope the blind kid and the swimmer show up in ORAS, using a blind person for the Regis plot was one of the best ideas Kusaka had.
  • 2015-Aug-30 06:15:06 Scan Pic0021
    Falneou17 said: Red: I wanted
    Red: To show you too, Yellow!

    Red: I was thinking of taking a picture and sending it to you
    Red: But I doubt that a picture can truly convey how amazing the landscape is

    Red: *chuckling sheepishly* (I think...)

    Red: ... Yellow?
  • 2015-Aug-30 06:11:53 Scan Pic0020
    Falneou17 said: Top right panel: Red and Yellow recount what they have done since they last saw each other

    Red: And I almost fell off a cliff!
    Yellow: Red-san!

    Yellow: I told you not to force yourself right? Please be more careful!
    Red: I knew you would say that!

    Red: But... It's a landscape so amazing that you really become distracted