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  • 2015-Aug-01 11:50:29 18-053
    MeltingPenguins said: For EFF's sake, why is apparently everyone in the fandom under the impression that Kusaka does NOT get information, guidelines and approval for stuff from Gamefreak?! This is the 5th time this WEEK I heard people being in awe about how it is sooooo amazing what happened in the manga and then in the games and stuff.
    Bloody hell people, use your brain. You're as bad as those folks that are amazed when their favourite show makes a shout-out or something to a joke from the fandom. Because CLEARLY it cannot be that the writers READ your tumblr and stuff.
    *throws table*
  • 2015-Aug-01 11:40:13 14-080
    moo said: I would call him a lady killer
  • 2015-Aug-01 11:23:32 14-080
    Anonymous said: Oh, and Lisia too
  • 2015-Aug-01 11:22:39 14-080
    Anonymous said: Zinnia Sapphire Courtney. Damn Ruby
  • 2015-Aug-01 11:20:32 18-053
    Anonymous said: @pwc13: yup, i agree with you
  • 2015-Aug-01 11:14:50 18-053
    pwc13 said: Okay, I would NOT be surprised if the people at Game Freak got the idea for Courtney ' s personality in ORAS from the manga. You know the...oh how do I put this without being too mean...Her creepy and stalker-ish taking an interest kinda personality towards the protagonist! Yeah, THAT!
    She takes an interest in Ruby here and the games, ORAS, she does that to our character as well. Probably a bit more creepy in the games though, in my opinion that is. Then again...maybe it's creepier in the manga. Does anyone agree with me on this?
  • 2015-Aug-01 11:12:04 14-080
    moo said: well, he also kind of charmed zinnia