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  • 2014-Nov-22 17:02:04 Green (male) Profile
    SapphireRose said: Happy Birthday Green!~ You will always be the coolest rival and Gym Leader. Stay awesome XD
  • 2014-Nov-22 12:48:49 11
    cut kittystrawberry said: so cute
  • 2014-Nov-22 04:39:01 Green (male) Design
    Jean-Luc said: Happy Birthday Green
  • 2014-Nov-21 14:53:53 26297104 p0
    Yelow ☆ said: Mami Tomoe :o
  • 2014-Nov-21 13:16:32 031pg28
    Bahmo said: Well; it's confirmed to be happening, for better or for worse. Don't screw it up!
  • 2014-Nov-20 23:32:07 POCKET MONSTERS V02 - 106-107
    Gaby said: LOLOL, now its an army of cloned clefairy! right after Red gets the Master Ball.
  • 2014-Nov-20 23:26:36 POCKET MONSTERS V02 - 104-105
    Gaby said: THE ATTACK OF GIOVANNI'S ARMY OF PORYGON!!! I could never think of an army of Porygon, and they're all attacking clefairy. lol